Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells Texas

This is one of the creepiest and scariest hospitals ever known by the paranormal team of Destination Fear they had ever done. This abandoned and the haunted hospital was built in 1927, and it operated from 1931 -1956 with a staff of four RNs, two doctors, a priest, and a janitor. They even have a room for children in the basement.  

In the 1960s, the hospital stops admitting patients. Remain vacant 20 years. In the mid-1990s, the building was locked down permanently. But it did have some business in the 1980s, such as Palo Pinto County Service Corporation with a Head Start program, Emergency Food Program, Civil service, Social Security, and a Family Planning Center. And a retirement home until it went out of business. 

Every floor of the hospital had its purpose:

The first floor housed Tuberculosis, Polio, and Psychiatric patients. 

The second floor is for administrative purposes. 

The third floor for Chapel and patient rooms. 

The fourth-floor labor and delivery room. 

On the fifth floor were the surgical units.

On the sixth floor, the Nuns quarters. 

Finally, the seven-floor was the priest room until it was relocated behind the crematory.  

Yep, a crematory too. Even though mineral water can’t cure everything, people end up dead in the morgue. When the morgue was full, they would cremate the bodies. When cleaning it out, the staff would feel nauseated. That’s why the hospital has a dark past, and every floor is haunted—even the basement. 

This building has a lot of poltergeist activity on every floor. For example, a UPS driver was delivering a package, and he saw a chair move across the floor. A gentleman with a pacemaker suddenly stopped during a tour but was escorted outside, and he was okay. 

In the surgery room, countless bodies were being operated on for experimental purposes. Eventually, they did not survive on the operating table. During an investigation of the surgical room, a paranormal team member caught an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a voice recorder) saying, “I am the devourer of children.” Which is quite creepy and scary? But, of course, you would run out of the building if you decided to vandalize the building in the middle of the night. Not a clever idea to do. 

The ghostly nuns will follow you on every floor, and it will give you the chill up your spine. A blue nun can be seen drifting throughout the building. 

Lastly, in the basement. where children played with dolls because they were suffering from TB and other illnesses and needed to play with dolls. Parents and families would bring the dolls. Eventually, when the paranormal team investigates the room there, Ovilus (a meter that records spirit voices to text to know what they are saying), not everyone can hear spirit’s voices, but this device can pick you up. And you will be surprised by what the spirits are saying.

People who enter the doll room would either get seizures or space out — probably possessions. When entering a room of possessed dolls is not the faint of heart. A young woman got multiple seizures and passed out seven times in one night. But when she left the building. She was all right. Crossing out dolls for Christmas shopping.

If I were in the doll room for ten minutes, it would be terrifying. I would be out of the room in a flash. Have dolls staring at you and waiting for something to happen. No way. I am out.

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