Some children will feel invincible and strong when using a bulletproof shield in their book bag.  Or the teacher may use their new and improve white board as a shield to protect themselves and the class. Or have tables and chairs with the same material, bullet proof materials in the school are increasing in the classroom.

When using a bulletproof white board as a shield, make sure you have a word problem on the board. If the gunman pulls out a gun and you use it as a shield, he will see what class it is and he would decided not to shoot at the class, the class the gunman enter was a cooking class.

Use the bulletproof whiteboard as a shield when the gunman shoots at you. If you fall down stay down, play dead for a while, and wait for the gunman to go away.

You can use it to push the gunman and his gun away from you, but if the gunman shoots and the shield will protects you, fall down with the shield, play dead and the gunman will go away.

Bullet proof insert shield

The bulletproof insert is made of 40 layers of compressed dyneema, a strong synthetic fiber, giving them the bullet-stopping power of steel while weighing significantly less. The same material that is used to skis and snowboard, if you have these material in your house, keep them they are useful. Hardwire produces bulletproof backpack inserts, whiteboards and adhesive doors.

The key is time, temperature, and pressure. They found that with increasing pressure, ballistic properties went up. So the harder we could squeeze it, at the right temperature, the more the ballistic resistance went up, so the lighter the shield could be.

The bulletproof shield can stand up to a 9mm glock, and semi-automatic weapons such as a .357 Sig and .45 caliber Glock.  The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle is a type of gun that was use in Stockton, Columbine and Newtown.  This gun can penetrate the bulletproof shield.

The proper way to insert the shield is either behind the schoolbooks, notebooks and pencils or in front of the school items. You want to stop the bullets for penetrating to your child backs.  Or carry a steel cooking pan in your book bag, it may weigh more, and it can be detected in a metal detector, and you will be safe.

Having a metal detector in the school may give the children a sense of insecurity of it’s safety measure. Some may be safe or the children may drop out of school, because of school violence.  Still students are not safe in school. It’s a tragedy for children have to go school to learn and see a fight break out in the middle of the class or in the hall ways.


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