Spelling Bee Winners

Can you spell? The spelling champions for 2016 are Nihar Janga, 11, of Austin, Texas, and Jairam Hathwar, 13, of Corning, New York. They were declared co-champions at the National Spelling Bee on May 26, 2016.

Nihar correctly spelled the word “gesellschaft” and Jairam correctly spelled the word “Feldenkrais.” If you ever get red squiggle lines when you type a paper, always check the spelling no matter if you are the world greatest speller or you don’t like it. Spell check on computers does not recognize certain words, always double check the spelling and added to your dictionary on your computer.  When I type “food” it always said “Stop eating too much.” Or sometimes it says “Oh okay, you are getting fat.” Seriously, I change phone service.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, at least one person wasn’t impressed with a feature of the competition. Someone tweeted to Scripps Spelling Bee saying: “Unsure of why the national spelling bee has a “comfort couch” you [expletive] lost suck it up quit teaching kids it’s okay to loose.”

The tweet was later deleted, but screen grabs show that whoever was running the Scripps account couldn’t resist correcting their spelling. Their one-word response: *lose. That’s embarrassing for the person who wrote on twitter.

When you tweet or send a post on Facebook, please check your spelling. If you see a red squiggle line that means your word is spell incorrect. They should put a bell sound on the computer every time someone misspell a word, it would be annoying, but it made you look up to see what you misspelled. Even grammar!

So please check your spelling when you type on your cell phone or when typing a paper for a class. Spelling and grammar is always important when communicating your thoughts. Even adding and subtracting. Double-check your numbers before your post. It would stop being embarrassing on social media sites.