Force Awakens MP

What? Nooo! Why? That was my first reaction when I watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The last one was 32 years ago they could do a Star Wars 6.1, 6.2 or 6.3 to see how the characters were teenagers? Possible a prequel to the sequels?

Oh by the way, never let your son or daughter be tempted to the dark side. Teach them, guide them, and take them to church. Can I borrow a nickel?

What’s Rey in relationship with Luke? Is she Luke adopted sister when his parents were killed in the first movie and she disappeared? Luke stayed with his Aunt and Uncle, the Lars family. Did they have a daughter and Luke did not know? And she left? Remember they were both scavengers and they know how to fix robots, droids and space vehicles. There’s a gap in the storyline maybe it will be answer in the next movie. Sci-fi – action – adventure – soap opera. They should put this as a new TV series. Oh they did remember Battle Star Galactic from the 1980’s and the remake in 2009?

By the way, I loved it. It was fantastic. The action sequence was so real like it actually came close to me. I had to duck when the lasers from the fighters flew over my head. The lasers hit my popcorn and it exploded in the movie theater. I saw it in 3D. I actually touch the spacecraft up close people saw my hand touching something. So real.  I hope the movie get’s nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for something, which will be great for J.J. Abrams and his crew.

Can’t wait to get it on Blu-ray DVD in May 2016 to see extra stuff and the process of making it and the gag reel of behind scenes.

Go see it!