What do Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery, Phillip Phillips, Candice Glover, Caleb Johnson, and Nick Fradiani have in common? They all won American Idol when it first premier in the summer of 2002. And, even since we were hooked to see our hometown friend to become major celebrities. And, we did not know that your friend could sing!

This is the last season of American Idol. Why? Probably the fans had enough to see good talent. These teenagers or teen adults they have great talent and they can sing, and they want to showcased their talents and get recognized by someone who can help them to be successfully. Without American Idol, and X-factor people will be working normal jobs and get minimum wage and be working on a farm for the rest of their lives and not being recognize for their singing talents. They have worked so hard to study their craft and this is their last chance for stardom and helped their family out from financially situation. It’s a long road to be successfully. We have to try and try again. So if your son or daughter have talent in singing, their local school can help them. Or have them take singing lesson and participate in their local community theater. Your children should have a musical theater background in order to become a singer, actor, and dancing.

Here are some highlights from American Idol.

Joseph Kchlruss

Joseph Kohlruss sang opera. It was interesting, but the judges wanted to hear if he could sing a pop song. Being a classic trained opera is not that popular he should have tried America’s Got Talent. Remember Jackie Evancho? Tried American Got Talent.

Sonika Vaid 3

Sonika Vaid she sang beautiful and she looked amazing. The judges said that she could win American Idol. If she works hard and compete with other contestants then she could make it. It would be nice to see an American Asian to win American Idol and it would be a first. If she makes it for the live shows please vote her.

Josiah Siska 2

Josiah Siska sang a Johnny Cash song and he can hit the low deep voice better than Joseph Kohlruss. He did scale with his voice and it was incredible to listen. He will definitely make it to the live show and survive Hollywood drama week soon.

Jeneve R Mitchell

Jeneve Rose Mitchell, 15, lives in remote mountain in Crawford, Colorado in the quite corner of Elk Wilderness. The place she lives at has no electricity or water but a working generator where she gets a chance to see American Idol, local shows and the news.

She is homeschool and she had a cello strapped across her chest. She sang an unplugged cover of The Band Perry hit “Chainsaw”

Jenny’s mother is a heath care provider and operates a local family clinic. Her father serves as vocal coach and a carpenter.

The judges loved her voice and her character. If she is in top ten in American Idol, they should give her more generators for she could watch American Idol.

What do Hillary Scott, Cobie Caillet, Mary Lambert, Amber Riley, Naya Rievera, Tori Kelly, and Alex & Sierra have in common? They have all audition for American Idol but rejected and look how they become successfully in the music and entertainment business.

The other way, is never crashed live event like the People Choice Awards with a group of women. Tried YouTube! Or audition! At least he’s being recognize as the person who crashed the acceptance speech from The Talk.


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