Jake and Nina

When I went to my high school prom I did not go out with model I ended getting  drunk and got laid in a hotel, with a gorgeous model – I wish, it did not happened to me. Who was in bed with me? It was a pillow.

Jake Davidson, from California, is the luckiest teen in the world. He sent a “prom – posal” to Kate Upton and it went viral and he got an answer from Kate Upton.

Kate responded to him in a tweet saying “You can call me Katie if you want! How could I turn down that video! I’ll check my schedule (wink),” Kate she wrote.

It was a no, because of scheduling conflicts. Kate Upton is a popular model doing photo shoots and making appearance, he thought he would go to the prom empty handed.

But he got another tweet from her “I have another model you love to go out with you. Her name is Nina Agdal, a sports model and she’s a Rookie of the Year and she agreed to go with you. I will send you tweet for the details” Kate said.

And then he was happy again. He did not get Kate Upton, but Nina Agdal, 21, a Danish model, a back up model for Kate Upton.  Nina Agdal  and Jake Davidson had a fantastic night at his prom.

During a photo shoot at school, Nina Agdal wore a floor-length green halter gown with her hair swept into a pony tail, while Davidson looked dapper in a tuxedo, as they posed together for photographs at school.

“Had such a great prom night. Thank you jakedavidson23 for being an awesome date! ” Agdal tweeted when the night was over.

“You are the best! thanks so much for everything,” Davidson replied

“You are!” she tweeted. “Thank you babe.”, but Nina had the final word and it made his night to remember that Jake dated the hottest model and he loves it.

Where was she when I needed her for my high school prom? Oh I forgot, she wasn’t born yet.