Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. What a cat? I love cats. I used to have a cat before until it ran away with a spoon and jump over the moon.

Actually, it’s a skydiving cats. Did they really threw a cat outside a plane and let it fly with a parachute on it’s back or would the cat remember to pull the string on time for a safe landing.

People were mad to see the video on YouTube about the cats skydiving. I thought it was funny and creative, then I was upset again. Someone ask me if I can take your animal, and throw it out from the plane? I live on a farm, and I have cows. If someone threw out my cow, either I would have a flying milk or ground beef when it landed.

This was a clever ad that causes an international catfight, it was an insurance company Folksam. The insurance company Folksam issues a statement explaining the methodology behind the magic.

The airborne cats in question never left the studio.  They used green screen techniques swapped their furry bodies for those of human skydivers. I did not know I was being replaced by a cat. It felt good with the fan and the studio, my fantasy. They used fans to blew back the whiskers and use a R. Kelly soundtrack “I Believe I Can Fly” to the final touch of the video. No cats were harmed when doing the video.