The other day while I was presenting my paper online, I had to use my University library media department to present my paper. I could do it at home, but when I tried it at home, my computer  got a virus, and I had to do it at the university which is not too far where I lived at.

The day I had to present my paper online, two students may be, there were,  boyfriend and girlfriend, no they weren’t making out in the media room, if they were I would join them, but they were a  watching a video online, if it was porn, I would join in. But never mind that, actually they were watching some comedian telling jokes, the comedian should tell the couple who was watching them in the media room to get off from the computer and watch it privately in their dorm room – it was a distraction. But this couple insist of watching in the library media room – just because the library has high speed broad band internet, it’s lighting speed internet, and it’s fast. I couldn’t tell them to shut up, but I said it in a politely way and keep it professional of how to handle students in a good way. I said, “Can you please lower voices or watch it somewhere else? Thank you” Politeness goes a long way and be respected by the students – even though I was an outsider from the university, and I needed a webcam for my presentation and the university in my town had a few of them.

What do they do at certain hours in the library, homework and research are a good way to do? But when I took a break from presenting my paper on librarianship, most of the students I saw were watching videos on YouTube. I understand students get bored when doing homework or research, but what kind of break was that? Get up and exercise your legs. Stretch your legs to avoid the cramps, if you are sitting too long. Your back may crack, and your hip may give out one of these days, and you are still young. You may be the healthiest athlete in the world everyone needs a break doing work on the computer.

Do not bring food or sneak food in the library, librarians would not like to see crumbs or see a rat humping the mouse near the keyboard. They have cameras all over the library – they need to protect the library from potential book thieves and catching students doing inappropriate things. They are few, but I will explain it in another article maybe soon. Eat before you come to the library.

Just do your homework or research in the library, and once you have finished. You can go back to your laptop and watch your video you always  wanted to watch at home or in your dorm.