Miranda Lambert may have gone overboard just because Chris Brown abused his ex-girl friend Rihanna, a few years back. Chris Brown was arrested and served his time, and he was forgiven by Rihanna. It’s nice to communicate to the person and have a good conservation, and he could move on with his life and make a name for himself.

Miranda Lambert held up a sign that said, “Take Notes Chris Brown” on a recent tour she was on, but it looks like she never know the relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown for the past year. Chris Brown was forgiven by Rihanna and Chris Brown is doing a great performance. He performed on Dancing With the Stars a year ago, and he was fantastic. His performance was great.

If Miranda Lambert doesn’t like abusive men, why she is basing men in her songs, songs included “Gunpowder and Lead” her song lyrics go like this “I’m goin’ home, gonna load my shotgun/ Wait by the door and light a cigarette/He wants a fight well now he’s got one/He ain’t seen me crazy yet.” Is she telling her fans to have a gun and shoot men if they are being abuse? Someone will be arrested. The shooter will be arrested, because she had a gun, and she shot him. That’s not a good role model with women who are in an abusive relationship. Just dump the guy and call 911 and let the cops arrested the guy or have the cops escort the woman off the property and taken her to a shelter.  Other songs included “White Liar” and “I Wanna Die” are known to bash men. Nothing positive in her songs, so wonder country songs are backwards. If her songs were playing forward things can be better.

And also a Tweeter feud between Chris Brown and Miranda Lambert, just let it go. Miranda please move on with your life. She probably wanted some publicity because her record sales are getting low, and she wanted her fans to buy her album.

It’s free publicity for Chris Brown,  probably Miranda Lambert fans would like to see Chris Brown  in concert, because Chris Brown can dance and his concert is better than hers.