Do you know what made Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds attack people in the 1963 movie? It was terrifying to watch when I was small.  I had nightmares back then for a week. I used to duck and ran fast from the school yard to home. I missed my school bus a couple of times, but I always made it home, and I was exhausted from the run.

“What happened?” My mom asked.

“I saw a duck and it was chasing me” I told my mom.

“Sit down and watch cartoons while I get some cookies” Mom said.

And I did.

I sat down ate my cookies and watch my cartoons. I was born in 1960’s.

Anyway, what made the birds attack people is they like to attack people because people are edible to eat. My parents are from India, and I was born in America. And since we like to eat curry and spicy foods, and the birds want a different taste than popcorn and bread thrown at them, so they were chasing me from the school yard to home. In other words, the birds had a keen sense of smell, and they could smell me a mile away that I had some curry and spicy foods the night before. Since I was kid, I rarely took a bath, and I had the smell of dinner on me for the seagulls. They were chasing me, through the park. Not a pretty sight, being chased by a flock of seagulls going home from school.

Actually, the researchers found toxin-making algae that cause amnesia, disorientation and seizures. Really? Seagulls have amnesia? So the seagulls have no sense of direction? What bird brain idea of a map quest in their heads and they keep bumping into windows and airplanes. For the seizures’ part, it’s difficult to see a bird in a seizure.  Wings’ flapping in a weird way on the ground and flying around in a daze– watch out here comes a seagull!