Hurricane Irene was a bad girl and did she dodge the bullet? No. People lost their lives in the storm. An 11-year-old Virginia’s boy crushed when a tree fell on his home, which was devastating. People losing power in Virginia and North Carolina, luckily my house had power, and the trees are in the back yard were still standing. And some people bought generators for they could watch the porn channel instead of news marathon. Then my power was out, and I missed it, for a couple of hours. The dark is no fun. I did not know my house was haunted. I saw a couple of ghosts in my house, and it was chasing me – it was my parents dressed up ghost in flower printed bed sheets.

What can we learn from past Hurricanes? Stay off the roads, when we get floods and there’s a gushing wave of water coming down the streets, and we think we can out run it by running or driving away fast in our vehicles, there is no chance we can survive. A gushing of water is faster than us, and it can flood the streets. Forget about the milk from the store or the sugar we need across the street. Stay safe.

And there’s no chance when the water level is down, and we can see our car, and we think it can start. It’s flooded. Literally, it’s flooded and the costly repair bill. Uh –Oh!  Better get Maaco.

This is my pet peeve. Why do people go out surfing when there’s hurricane coming, and the waves are big? I can’t go to Hawaii and catch the big waves there; my local beaches have waves too – well not that big. I rather see a giant mega shark jumping out of the ocean and swallow one of the swimmers. Sorry I was watching the Syfy network. I got tired watching the local news marathon. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany battled it out which sea creatures are better – Only in My dreams!

The news reporters, I like the way they tell us what happened in real time, there’s was one reporter on my local channel on  WAVY TV -10, his name is Andy Fox, and he was giving the report of the wind speed at Cape Hatteras. He could not stand up straight or even perpendicular in the hurricane-force winds it was like a wind tunnel. It was hilarious to watch.  You can watch it here and subscribe for it. I bet the WAVY TV 10 got great ratings for this segment and Andy Fox too. He’s a great reporter, and he should stay on WAVY –TV 10.  At least, he had fun. Some reporters were in water. I was waiting for something to grab them and pull under – but she was attractive. I don’t want to see that happened. I have a crush on the reporter now like my local news.