Everyone wants to be a hero, but what is a hero. Do we have to put on a Cape out in public and be humiliated by strangers on the sidewalk? That’s no hero?

How about on an airplane? We get up from our seat and go to the bathroom, and we found the bathroom is occupied in first class, but there’s another bathroom in coach, and we used that, because it is empty. Can a passenger do that? Or do we have to wait by the door and do the pee-pee dance – and that make us tinkle down to our pants. So we rushed down to coach and the bathroom is empty, and we do our business. Can we hum while we do our business, but what song do we hum in the bathroom while we tinkle or finkle (It’s just rhyme) and wait? Do we play angry birds in the bathroom on our cell phone? Oops. (the plane is going down).

Outside in the cabin, there’s a gentle man in the seat, and he wanted a drink – a refill. He had enough and wanted some more. So the stewardess tells that he had enough and no more drinking, he’s almost drunk.  The stewardess is trying to take away his cup. We can drink on a plane? I thought it was for the pilots. Anyway, the drunken man started to get abusive to the stewardess. He’s cussing at the stewardess.

When we finished in the bathroom, we washed our hands. What no paper towels in the bathroom and we have to use a blow drier to blow dry our hands? What happens if our butts get’s wet. How do we dry it?

Not knowingly, when we step out of the bathroom, the stewardess is trying to make sense to the passenger who wants a refill.  The passenger who is coming out of the bathroom doesn’t realize our shoe strings on our shoes are coming out of our shoes.  We trip on our shoes, and we fall on the guy, who was arguing with the stewardess, and he’s knocked out. We become the hero – surprisingly – that was awkward.