Chole King - On ABC Family Tues at nine










The new hit show on ABC Family “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” Chole King is played Skyler Samuels, she is compared by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she does not kill any vampires but have cat like features, such as supersensitive ears, agility, sharp claws, cat fights …and empathy. What? Empathy?

Apparently, the explanation lies deep in Chloe’s lineage, says exec producer Dan Berendsen. “Chloe is a descendant of the Egyptian goddess Bastet whose offspring are called Mai,” he says. “While cats may appear to be uncaring, there was a time when Mai and humans had a very close, almost symbiotic relationship. The idea Chloe’s power of empathy came from the belief that all animals can read people’s emotions on some levels.”

Not only they chase birds and play with a ball of yarn and follow the red dot on the wall with their neck swings back and forth. It’s pretty funny to watch cat videos, but actually they do lack compassion:

“This question was obviously raised by a dog person,” he sniffs. Me-oww!