Many people say there’s nothing to do in their town, and they just walk down town, which is not a bad thing to do. We do need to lose some weight some how. However, walking and losing weight is something to do and get a pound off before we eat our supper.

Our towns do have something to do, have you read the latest book in the library. We don’t have to buy a book from the bookstore. We can check it out from the library. And the library has so many things. They have videos of old movies either on DVD or VHS. Music tapes on CD. They do have some great old music before Lady Gaga time. Right now I am listening to Britney Spears.

School is out for the summer, and your children are home and bored, tell them to go to the library and read a book. Besides reading Facebook and the internet, this is bored to do sometime. I am providing something new, get out and do some physical activities. Plant a garden for a change. Tell your child to clean their room, if they have not done it for a while. Alternatively, if you have a video camera in the house tell your child to write and produced a movie and use your surround location as your movie set. Steven Speilberg did this when he was a teenager, he got bored and look at him now. He got famous becoming a great director.  Tell your child to be creative and no fight videos.

Read the newspaper and find out what kind of events are out there, and if they are free take an advantage over it. If they cost a fee less than $5.00, money well spent to help with the expense of the event. If you decide to have a party charge your guest to cover the expense, no wild parties, someone can get into trouble, and they could end up being arrested, and that’s no fun.

If you haven’t learned how to fish, it’s the best time to do it. Summer camp is a great way to learn new things and gain new friendship.

If your child is getting ready to go to college in the fall, the best time is to visit the campus is in the summer and take a tour of the place. It’s an education and vacation, edu-vacation.

Take a vacation. Go someplace where there’s activity. Go in a group and be sure not to be separate from your group, things can happen to a family member.