Another bites the dust, Jessica Meuse eliminated from American Idol.

Jessica did good, in performance, but did she take the judges critic to perform better, I think she did. If she did, someone will go home. Eventually she was eliminated, probability she wasn’t connecting to the audience, that’s the difficult part. All of the others contestant connected to the audience Caleb connected to his audience by singing in front of Keith Urban, face – someone needed a mint. Jena connected to the audience and she made Jennifer Lopez said the “F” word. Jena was good. Jena is in the top contender to win American Idol. Jena can take an old song and make it better. Jessica took an old song, but it wasn’t better. If she took her swan song “Blue-Eyed Lie” and sang that, she would not go home. But she left on a high note, she will do great, and maybe surpass the other contenders when her CD’s come out. But it is all about the sales of the music. Will people buy her CD’s when it comes out? She better connect with audience or they will never buy it at all.

Safe this week: Caleb, Jena and Alex.

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