You already seen it and even people are posting mini reviews of the movie “The Social Network”. It is the talk of the town and people are posting it on there facebook pages.  Some people haven’t seen it yet, and they think by watching bits and pieces they will know the whole story. Go watch ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and tell me about it. Did he get the ring? And propose? The movie was too long. It’s playing on TNT with commercials. More bathroom breaks!

I finally got a chance to see it on DVD and it was fascinating to watch it, Jesse Eisenberg, who portray Mark Zuckerberg, who created facebook, in the movie he was a fast talking salesman pitching his ideas. It can really grab the audience attention of it’s fast talking. It got me notice and the movie too. I had to pause the movie, because I burnt the roast chicken in the oven and I had to wait for pizza. The pizza delivery was late by 5 minutes so I got it free!

Anyway, it’s the story of Facebook,  the creator was Mark Zuckerberg, a shy kid who wanted a social life with a girl and couldn’t get her. He had a web page blog and posted mean stuff about her on in the internet and the date too. So he decided to take revenge of all the girls on campus by hacking into Harvard computers and created a webpage on there servers and broadcast it over the internet. It was it compare all the girls on campus if there were hot or hotter. He got popular! The ex-girl friend did not like him. He had a grudge against her and he did not care. Since he had a brilliant mind and he code webpages fast within days. He got kicked out of college. The twins brother saw potential in him and asked to create a social networking site called Harvard Connections. But Mark had a hidden agenda and a big vision that can be a global epidemic and be rich and famous. The girls, who cares?  He was a work alcoholic coding programs in their private zones, on their laptop. He was a perfectionist. He worked hard while his business partners want to have fun at parties, getting high and getting arrested. Mark just worked, staying away from girls. He was smarter than them, which I totally agree.

The movie itself  was fascinated to watch, if you have not watch it or decided this review was a little better than the movie. Still I would advise you to rent it on DVD and see it yourself.