Is lunch supposedly at lunchtime not late in the evening? Sometime when I go the grocery store or Wal-Mart and see the employees eating during the break time, the manager would pop in and say, “Are you finished your lunch?” I bet the employees are looking at their bosses and thinking why would he say that, it’s late in the evening, like 7pm, he/she thinks it 12pm in the late in the evening, and the sun has already set for that night?  We eat lunch between 12pm – 2pm. Snacks in between.

Why do we eat snacks after supper? Isn’t that called obese, yes I said that and no offense to obese people out there.  We are getting chubby in the belly. Stop eating in between work. If you tried to fit in a size 33-waist band pants and your waist size is 40 – something is going to snap! The button will fly off and hit your cat in the eye!

But what do we called lunch around 8pm – A late, late, late, lunch—how about supper!  They do have watches on and there’s probably a window in the break room that showed it’s dark outside. It looks like managers can’t tell time no more, probably they have a sundial watch that works at night.

So, if your manager pop it’s head in the break room again and see your eating your food. Just tell him/her that you are having your supper!