Crystal Bowersox is getting better every week. I hope she picks better songs to sing next week. And I hope the theme  is the liking for her to sing. The magic carpet worked for her.

Miley Cyrus was awesome. She was a great mentor. She even gave a confidence booster to Katie Steven to sing Fergie “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and she was great. Aaron Kelly sang “I don’t Want to Miss a Thing” he was star struck with her and had a crush on her – that’s good. But he sang great. I bet Miley Cyrus voted for him to stay and the others too.

Mostly the others were torpedo by the judges. Strike after strike. They weren’t singing that great enough to WOW to judges. The fans like them, but the judges were seriously. It is a singing competition no time to slide around on the stage just to approve you can dance.  Just sing and give out your best performance and make it your own, but don’t ruin the song. Andrew Garcia, the judges like him during Hollywood Week when he sang “Straight Up” what happened this week, he went straight down. Where’s the magic he did before? Do something current. No classic from the 70’s.

Why are they picking the wrong song? Is the song choice limited and the good ones are taken? I hope next week theme is better.

When Siobhan Magnus was being interview with Miley Cyrus she looked like Clark Kent but on stage she pulled a Hannah Montana. She looked HOT.  WOW. The song was great ain’t that superstitious. She will definite stay. I hope she toned down the screaming in her performance and hit the right note and don’t go pitchy. Go by the story of the song. If Siobhan Magnus does this, she will be in the top two in the finally. Adam Lambert was and looked at him. He’s doing better than Chris Allen.