Stalkers Get A Life

Miley Cyrus I knew this would happen. When would people ever learned not to stalk celebrities at their movie location.

Miley Cyrus,  from the hit show “Hannah Montana”  on the Disney Channel was making a movie in Savannah, Georgia on Tybee Island where she was filming her next movie “The Last Song”, where a man by the name Mark Mcleod were asking about her.

Mark Mcleod, 53, told security he wanted to see Cyrus and claiming she was his fiancée. Fiancee? She’s 16 and he’s 53, there’s no way.

Grandpa, Mcleod stop stalking her. You are too old for you. I don’t care if the state of Georgia allows young girls to be married young. She’s not from Georgia. She’s from California – Tennessee to be exact.  Did you promise your kids you could get Miley Cyrus to come to your retirement party? No body will believe you.

The creepy part they found pictures of Miley Cyrus on his computer. In his DVR, numerous episodes of Hannah Montana. Have you heard of reruns, they played it all the time on the Disney Channel?

He’s 53. Get a life!! Anyone over the age of 40 and have kids. It’s okay to watch with your children. But watching alone in the middle night, it’s a kind of  weird.

Sometime I watch the shows on the Disney Channel. I would watch “Witches of Waverly Place”, “Suite Life on Deck” and other shows such as “Sonny with a Chance” and “Jonas” and their misadventures of high school and their relationship problems. It’s funny to watch.

I hope Selena Gomez, Debby Ryan and other young Disney Stars have extra security when they go out and be protective at all times.

I am fan of Selena Gomez and her show, “Witches of Waverly Place” it’s a good family show and it teaches children and parents of great communications between them.

I am just a fan and I do have life.

Author: sillykhan

I am college grad working on another degree in library science. I like to write whatever comes to my mind. It can be funny and entertaining to read. I want to be an entertainment reporter.

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