Helen Winslow larabee celebrate her 106 birthday

Larabee 1

Helen Winslow larabee  celebrate her 106 birthday. She’s currently residing at Kindred Care in Elizabeth City, NC. Mrs. Larabee taught 30 years in the field of home economic, science, and PE. Her last 19 years were spent teaching at Central High School in the field she love – home economics.

Hey Willard Scott!!  Did you mention her on the Today Show recently?

Little Darth Vader Max Page to undergo open-heart surgery

Do you remember the boy who used the force as Darth Vader  to start the family Volkswagen  commercial ad? Max Page has been facing big challenges all his life. He was born with a congenital heart defect and on Wednesday (June 13) will undergo his eighth heart surgery in seven years. The goal of the surgery is to repair a hole in his heart and replace his pulmonary valve.

Dr. Michael Silka of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles tells “Today” that the artery that carries the blood between the heart and the lungs is almost the size of an infant’s artery – he likens it to trying to pump gas through a straw.

“Doctors have told us Max has not known how good he can feel … so this is going to enable him to become even more active, which is hard to believe,”Buck Page, Max’s father, tells Ann Curry in an interview.

Victoria Newman -- Amelia Heinle  on the set of Young and the Restless on CBS
Victoria Newman — Amelia Heinle on the set of Young and the Restless on CBS

Jennifer Page, Max’s mom, also has shared via press release what Max has said about the surgery: “Mom, I don’t have a choice. I have to go through it. I don’t like it and it’s still scary, but I have to, so I think I might as well go through it with a good attitude.”

Max’s parents also tell “Today” that he is taking a pair of Darth Vader headphones with him to the surgery and when they asked him why, he said, “Because when I’m Darth, I feel strong.”

Feel the force Max and may the force be with you.