Aneska: Sweet and Dangerous

Aneska 4e

Melanie and Dave say the last nine years have been a living hell, and they’re at their wits’ end trying to find out what’s at the root of their 12-year-old daughter’s explosive rage. They say their daughter Aneska at first, seems cute as a button, charismatic and sweet, but that her behavior is explosively violent and terrifying.

They claim Aneska has threatened to kill her mother, choked her sister, kicked her brother in stomach, stolen her mother’s credit card, stalked and threatened the vice principal at her school, assaulted various adults and recently set fire to a comforter in their garage. They also say she has bludgeoned the pet hamster to death with a flashlight, and twisted the necks of baby birds and squeezed their guts out.

Aneska says she’s not the problem, everyone else is. She says she gets physical when frustrated, annoyed or mad, and there are times when she feels like someone else is in control of her body. She describe it what happen, some man in the Iraq war and this person got shot in the shoulder in a battle field. A possible of reincarnation and possession? She would talk to this person in her room alone.

How it started, it all started when she fell off her bike when she was young and hurt her head.

Aneska admits she uses her charm and flutters her eyelashes to get what she wants, but she says most of the time, her life is a very stressful, terrible, hell.

What’s at the root of Aneska’s explosive rage? Her parents say Aneska’s been hospitalized 17 times, and that her lack of emotion and remorse has them fearing they are raising a severely mentally disturbed child.

Many people think she’s an indigo child, meaning Indigo children is the name given to the new type of human being born in this generation. Displaying amazing feats of intuition and intelligence beyond their years, these indigos has begun more of a common concept within our lexicon. For real? She’s just a child. What happens when she grows up to be a real teenager or an adult? Will her behavior change or be more mature adult?

For the family, they are suffering with her behavior at home, and it can damage the mental behavior of her parents, and their other children who are afraid of her. Think of Michael Myers of Halloween. Hollywood should do a movie about her either on the big screen or TV screen.

Aneska was diagnosed with bipolar and significant sensory dysregulation disorders and her pediatrician is helping in  eliminate all the meds that she was prescribed. Now that they have a better idea of what’s troubling Aneska, the family is hopeful that her behavior will improve.

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Christmas Wars in the family

Family. We love them. But do they really love you when they leave the house early — before the Christmas dinner? What was going through their heads? Is the roast chicken cooked done or over done. It does look brownish black. What just happen here?

It’s not the next war zone, I have seen wars before, in the movies, but those wars are make believe in the movies, but each family should have a clairvoyant, like the one in Breaking Dawn part 2, if  you have already seen the movie that’s great. But it tells the battle of two families, the vampires and the wolves, the same thing in your family – the in laws. No one wants to beheaded in the family, that was in the movie, he lost the battle and he surrender before the real battle begins.  Do we need another war in the house?

We don’t care who was first born or the middle child, or the black sheep in the family. Can we all get along together and help each other out.  Parents are getting older and please do not give them heart attack during the dinner time. Some could choke on a wish bone. And no wish!

Communicate properly, one could be Dr. Phil as the monitor or Oprah Winfrey – yep someone could get a prize.  Be positive when communicate, never put people down. People self-esteem will be ruin and once it is ruin their lives would change. Drugs, alcohol, homelessness, depression and suicide will follow.  Just because you said something negative to that person and you will be responsible and probably that person will haunt you – the ghosts of Christmas.

Be positive to your family members and listen to them, if they have certain skill or talent help them out. Do not neglect one another. By the way, remember you are in your parents will.