The Invisible Sculpture

It is nothing, and there is no sculpture. 

When we look at a piece in a museum, we have to think, what made this artist make this design. What went through his mind. What was the thought process? The piece I am talking about is the sculpture by Salvatore Garau. He did something extraordinary that no one ever made. Different. And it is a magnificent piece. It should get an award. 

His sculpture piece is called “I am,”  and it is invisible.  Like the Jerry Seinfeld show about “nothing,” we see how he pitched the show in the early years. A  standup comedian is hanging around with his friends and talking about nothing. Isn’t that everyday people? It sounds boring. Doesn’t it? Yes, typical. And it is funny and intriguing. 

As NPR reported, someone paid $18,000 for the “work” and got a certificate or receipt. Maybe they use invisible ink to write the check. I don’t know. In euros, it was 6,000 to 9,000 euros. reported, Garau said “I am”  is a native Italian meaning “Io Sono,” it’s an Italian phrase.