American Idol was inTexas, that is when some of the contestants did good and some of them went to space and never coming back, they were the bad performers –Houstondid have a problem.

First was Phong Vu and he loves the camera action in his face, is he really 25 or 52? He should be a model, and he is good-looking and chubby. Stay away from Paula Dean recipes it could fatten him up – no offenses. Anyway, he sang “Unbreak My heart” and it was broken by the judges when one of them “Not ready.”

Then they were a montage of guys who audition, and they were trying to imitate Scotty McCreery, deep voice, not deep enough, deep enough to go to the black hole in space! Why imitate the singer who already won last year? It’s not going to happen… They were some wacky auditions.  Be yourself and sing.

Skylar Laine was the cute little girl with an accent and working at the struggling family store. She’s adorable, and her voice is fantastic, a great tone. Her friend is obsessed with Steven Tyler, apparently – which makes me wonder if anyone’s friend is obsessed with Randy? Come on. Just, someone be a huge Randy Jackson fan. He needs the love too.

Some of the contestants think they are really good and determine to goHollywood, only if they have talent and some of them don’t.

Baylie Brown was turned down five years ago, when she auditioned for American Idol, the reason, she forgot the lyrics. Stage fright happens to everyone.  She was 16 back then, by now she’s all grown up, and she’s 22 years old. She auditioned again and she off to Hollywood all those karaoke bar’s lesson really pulled it off.

Kristina Osorio, it’s her first and last opportunity to make it – which would make things sad enough, but she’s a single mom of three! She’s struggling to find work, so shouldn’t she be sending resumes out? Instead of paying her divorce lawyer, she bought a plane ticket to audition. She’s a great singer. However, someone who shirks her financial responsibilities to be on TV can never have my full respect.

Jennifer vs. the boys! Sometime, the men don’t agree with Jennifer, even though the contestants sing good, but Randy see something else and that will save elimination time. Is Randy Jackson reading people when they are singing, if so who trained Randy Jackson in reading potential contestants? Simon Cowell?

Linda Williams was selected by Jenifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. She sang great and everything. Linda was happy that she was selected.

Alejandro Cazares wants to revolt against … the production schedule? The revolution was here. And the revolution left without a ticket toHollywood.  Why was his tongue blue? Too many blue raspberry jolly ranchers whilst planning the revolution? Beside that his song wasn’t a revolution. Good for that security guard for making him leave.

Cortez Shaw sang Adele’s “Someone like you,” he sang it good and definitely he will go places. Very far in the competition.

Julie Shuman, singing with stretch gold pants, did not make it. When she stretch, it ripped, that wasn’t pretty.

Ramiro Garcia, is a worship leader who has undeniably zen his way to win for the day for the final day of audition. He was born without ears and doctors told his parents he would be deaf and mute. But Ramiro’s defied the odds and performs an inspirational rendition of “Amazing Grace” for the judges. “You’re a power of example, to say the least,” says Steven. Off toHollywoodRamiro goes! And his father cries and hearts melt because watching a grown man cry is just gut wrenching. Even I shed a tear. And my tear drop fell on my food and taste good on my hot dog too.