Danica Steakly singing on American Idol

Danica Steakly was good, especially with her military dad, Lt. Dan, who retired from the navy. He is trying to be a good dad by helping her with her singing. She needs to find her voice and the song selection is particularly important. Danica has a great voice, but the song selection did not work.  The judges were right, and she needs more training, especially in her singing voice.  She needs to work on her voice by going to voice class at her school and joining the choir; this will help her perform in front of crowds or virtual crowds.

I feel like the older generations of parents are pushing their children to be better with their talents. They want their child to go big, and when they go big, they tumble, fall, and crumble. Everybody starts small from somewhere.

I am an avid fan of American Idol, and I have heard judges from the past and present. Simon Cowell is the best judge, and he still judges music competition shows, from the X-factor, Britain Got Talents, and America’s Got Talent. He knows his music. The same thing with The Voice, all the judges from all the Talent shows that are out there will tell you the same thing your song selection, voice, and confidence. If you remember this, you will succeed.

For Danica Steakley, she has a pretty face. She will be recognized in Hollywood, not because of her singing voice, but she could be an actress or a model. 

Ryan Romano plays a Keytar and Katy Perry’s buys his suit

Ryan Romano, who sang Rocket Man by Elton John, his vocals were not there, which I agree with the judges. But his showmanship and his performance were kind of good. He got a rad suit that matches his personality. Even though it was two, no’s from the judges. But Katy Perry liked his suit tailored to him and wanted to buy it for $400 for her dad. He agrees with the price.  They should have an auctioneer nearby. I hope he has another suit at home. He could be a fashion designer for boys’ or men’s clothing.

Mario Andrion, his singing was good.  The smart thing he did that he did a rap song. It was good. But compare him to the Bikini Girl they had many years ago on American idol.

Lionel and Mario doing the catwalk

He was the best. He was the Speedo man in red stripe underwear.

Judges Striking a pose

Then they did a catwalk battle with judges and striking a pose when they were walking by. He even pec pop his chest. It was hilarious and fun to watch.

So overall, it was a good show.  Be sure to watch American Idol on Sunday nights on ABC at 8 pm.