If you haven’t heard, Holmes & Watson: They Don’t Have a Clue is a blockbuster hit for Will Farrel and John C. Riely – seriously it’s terrible. That’s the clue. They did not have a clue.  When it premiered on Christmas Day lots of people attended, and within 45 minutes of the film, people were walking out, seriously it’s bad. Trust me on this, I have seen it, and I asked the clerk if I can see Spider-Man again. She said sure go ahead.  She follows me in to see Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. She paid for the popcorn and drinks for me. I am lucky.

Critics and audience seriously did not like it at all, especially the audience who watch it and wanted a refund – seriously. See another movie or see Bumblebee that is playing next door. Even Will Farrel and John C. Riely went to see Aqua Man, that also a fantastic film, in which I don’t blame them at all, might as well hide from the audience who wanted to throw a magnify glass at them and tell them to get a better clue to make this movie enjoyable.  Why make a horrible comedy a comedy when people wanted to walk out from it?

It was a terrible, horrible comedy. The audio dubbing was bad, and I bet the outtakes from the movie would be better than the movie when it comes out on DVD next three weeks from today.

They make a good comedy team, they should do what Bob Hope and Bing Crosby did, make road trip films, and they were successful at it. Why did they pick this project?

Ethan Cohen is the writer and director, and it is based on an SNL sketch. Unfortunately, it would be great for TV, but not for a movie.  He could have written a better story for the guys also it would be better and funnier.

If you wanted to see a train wreck of Holmes and Watson, save your money and watch something else.