Michael-Jackson-EscapeMichael Jackson is making music from the grave, well not really. LA Reid, former x-factor judge and music producer is producing his next album with new songs that we never heard before. Before Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, he was working on his last concert film and before that, he recorded new music. Some of his new music’s we haven’t heard before are locked up in a

How did LA Reid picked the title? In a recent interview with an Entertainment Reporter “He was doing a prayer on This is It as they were about to embark on that tour, and he said to them ‘It’s about escape-ism.’”

So the name Escape was mention by Michael Jackson and so it is being used.

The new album will be coming soon and some weird supernatural and paranormal way, Michael Jackson will be appearing on the Bill Board Music Awards on ABC. Probably some old footages that we never saw before, that will be presented.

Can’t wait to hear it and how will they pulled it off on a live stage. Catch the Bill Board Music Awards on ABC May 18, 2014 8 pm.