Sam WoolfLast week on American Idol, Sam Wolfe went home.

The elimination process was different they have to choose whether to keep the group or send one home. They were given cards and on the cards it had “Yes” and “No”. “Yes” for the group or “No” for the elimination process. The contestants have to decide of who will stay or who will go.

He could have been safe, but the contestants decided to let one go.

All of my favorites stayed.

Did American choose right one?

Remember we have to vote, there are only four left and two weeks to go for someone can be crowned the new American Idol 2014.

Keith Urban sang “Good Thing” and it was good.

They were some controversies, their song choice. It was decided by the fans by twitter and what song would they sang. Some of the contestants like it and some did not. They weren’t comfortable in singing that song. But they did it, and it was good. And they stayed.

For Sam Woolf he will do good, since he’s in Hollywood and he has talent someone will give him a record deal.

Remember you have to vote on American Idol.