When I entered Walmart on Thanksgiving night, it was cold night. But everyone was inside and it was getting warmer, which was good. No one wanted to stand outside in the cold.  I needed to get a few items on sale on black Friday night sale, which was on a Thursday night, Thanksgiving night, the day of good deals.

The place was packed. The whole town was there including the police department and there were some cute women officers too. I should be arrested often and get frisk by them – that will turn me on. Never mind.

Anyway, I missed the 6:00 p.m. sale. The towel set of $2.00 was gone in a second. I missed that one. I wanted a towel set too.  I was there for the 8:00 p.m. sale. I got a good deal for a wireless printer. The setup for the printer took a while to figure it out, I had to call customer service in the Philippines on thanksgiving night. The customer service person took an hour to diagnose the problem. They had to remote access my laptop. It’s like watching a ghost in my laptop, the cursor would fly around the screen.

They were opening files and looking to see if my laptop was connected to the internet. It was connected. My computer felt violated and it was telling me: “What are they doing to me? I feel a draft.” It tickle my laptop. I could feel my laptop pain.

They could easily tell me to check the printer setup and push a couple of buttons on the printer to make it communicate to my laptop?  That took fifteen minutes. Was it necessary to look around my laptop?

Sometime the cashiers would have problems with the customers, especially when the customers are using gift cards to purchase items. Don’t play guessing games with the cashier, they don’t know how much it is on the card. Customers should know how much it is on the card.  When they slide the card on the cash register, it does not show how much left is on the card. The customer should know how much it is on the card.  If you don’t tell them and when they slide the card, and they take out the big scissors and cut the card. Your card is finished, there’s no money in the card and the cashier would keep the gift.

Why do people have to fight for the very last item that you wanted, especially if it is an Elmo doll. If there’s no Elmo doll on the shelves get something else. Your child would be happy if you gotten something else. Plus it is funny to see the fighting in black and white, with funny music.