It’s the most busier time of the month, November. Ever since the time change to daylight savings time, you probably learn that sunset around 5pm or early. It get’s dark early. We get off work at 5 pm and it is dark.  Get some sunlight after lunch and have that cold brisk cold on your face to wake your self up and be perky and energy at work. If that doesn’t work, take a five hour shot drink. Drink half of it.

For the children who have school in the morning. Keep their normal sleep schedule. If they get up early before the sunrise, it’s okay. Let them wake up for they could get ready to school. They could finish up their last minute homework?  Exercise in the morning? Clean the house first time. Let the children do it.  They get up first thing in the morning. Parents can sleep in for a minutes until they wake up and walk like zombies into the kitchen and make breakfast for their children. Zombies.

Let’s say you have to go or be someplace on time and we know we have our internal clock (that’s inside of us) and that could wake us up.  But if we fall asleep during the time of our internal clock have and we hit the snooze button on our alarm clock several times and find out that we are late. Who do we blame?  Day light saving time?

And another thing for Daylight saving time, if we set back our clock back one hour.  Could we go back in time and correct our mistake back in the future?