Have you seen the team from Netherlands’s playing field hockey yesterday morning, I am still in my pajamas the whole day, except for the spike in the middle? It came from the women’s volleyball team right after them. In other words they beautiful. Okay Hot and I want to be cool.

The women in orange-clad squad won their first match 3-0 against Belgium on Sunday, a big step to advancing to the knockout round from Group A and defending its Olympic title. Victories come and go, however. The enduring power of this field hockey team is that it transcends on-field results.

Look at these women and tell me what do you think about these pictures. And by the way, either set you DVR or watch it Tuesday against Japan. I hope Netherlands wins again.  I will be watching and this time. I will have a pillow to cover my spike, and I will be eating popcorn.


By the way more pictures here!!!