Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, claimed on the Sunday outcome was rigged and gave up her state crown in protest. Then, pageant officials said Monnin – who failed to make the top 15 – had really quit because she opposed competing against transgender contestants, who were allowed into the pageant for the first time this year.

If she’s offended with a transgender contestant, how could one tell if one of the females were male in the competition? What would show? A carrot? Even I could not tell. But look at the bright side, she wasn’t even selected to be the top contenders. Why complain? She wasn’t picked.

If the show was rigged how come the gentleman with a seal envelope came on stage and gives the envelope to the host. If she did see the names of the winner, it could have been the rehearsals’ names from early ago. It could be anyone. She decided to quit the competition, and she will lose the crown for her state.  She would not compete for the 2012 – 2013.

Donald Trump calling her a loser that’s not appropriate way that she wasn’t good, he could have said that she was upsetting the contestants and remove her from the competition.  And of course she was jealous of not being picked. Why sue her because of the gender bender case comment.

At least Olivia Culpo, the winner of the Miss USA, put it nicely in a good way that everyone is an individual and should compete even though she’s a transgender. Plus if the contestants have a good body, and it looks good. Can’t can’t complain about it. The case would be ridiculous in court and, who will win –  probably  Donald Trump. Donald trump over rule transgender and let her in the competition.

If the ladies on the Miss USA competition have a problem with this, they could either stay in the competition or leave, because they feel uncomfortable with a transgender competing.

And also she can read body language of people. She had training in psychology, well her interpretation was wrong. Donald Trump is giving her a second chance for her. Donald wanted Sheena Monnin to write an apology letter to him.