As you may know Elise Testone went home Thursday night, she gave an incredible performance. Katy Perry came down on ropes to perform “Part of Me” first in Military clothes and then wow the audience with her outfit. I think.

There was no need to save her, but Elise sang “Whole Lotta Love” and the judges wished all the luck, she needs to pursue her goals as a singer and get a record contract in the future. With everyone being eliminated one by one, and I hopeAmericais voting to keep their favorite in the running for American Idol, maybe their favorite will win. Sometime American Idol fans can get it wrong and send the wrong person home. I like the way X-factor eliminated their contestants one by one,Americavotes and the top bottom people with the lowest scores, sing one more time and the judges picks who goes home or who stay in the competition.

“I never really was a huge fan of [reality TV] in the beginning, and everyone was shocked that I did it, but I’m glad I did,” she confesses to one of the reporters backstage after her elimination on the Top 6 results show. It’s a tight race to the top, andAmericahas to vote to keep their favorites in the running for American Idol. I am so glad that Jessica Sanchez did not go home this time. It was close, and she was saved again. She has the best voice in the competition. So please vote on America Idol on Wednesday night. Please make sure your cell phones are charged up and there’s no storms in the area.