It was group night and some of the groups did good or were they auditioning for a TV show called “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” it’s like karaoke but the contestants have to guess the lyrics of popular songs, if you haven’t seen the show.

Anyway, some of the contestants of the groups nearly forgot the words of the song or were they singing. What they sang under pressure was gibberish and gibberish does not count. The contestant must know the lyrics of the song and must be able to perform in a group, otherwise they would be cut and sent home. It’s a business to find the next American idol and it’s not that fun. It’s hard work and determination.

First up was The Betties and they sang “Bills, Bills, Bills” it was not good. The judges want their money back. They were off key and their moves were awkward, the “D” from the Hollywood sign fell off. They were two that sang great Jennifer and Carrie, the rest going home.

Next was Groovesauce or Group Sauce weird name for a group and they sang “Hold On, I’m Coming” and they were good. Polished and everything was great, this is how it is done and they even got the judges standing and grooving.

679 is the group name, another weird name for the group, but they sang “Bills, Bills, Bills”. The judges like Shannon Magrane and Joshua Ledet, the rest no good, they could not sing, including the stage mom.

Another weird name for a group is the “Plague” Amy who lives in the forest was in the group. Jacquie faints but she decides to go for it. People should know how to stay hydrated and eat food, because if they don’t they will faint and they will never make it in the next round. Still and again, the contestants must know the words to the song. If they going to compete in this competition, they must know it. The only person who survived was Mathenee. Amy is going back to the forest to sing to Justin Beaver. Justin Beaver. The rest are going back home.

When would people ever learned to remember the lyrics of the song, but it was hilarious to watch people forgetting the words and their struggle.

The Mean Cop group is next. The cop lady was horrible and her group sang “Stuck like Glue.” It wasn’t sticking to the judges liking, but they got unstuck and went home.

Area 451 gets on stage and Amani the fainting girl thinks she’s going to go on stage with them. They sang “Broken Strings” and it starts off really weak and doesn’t get much better, then Amani passes out again. Ryan Seacrest scurry on to the stage like a squirrel looking for his nuts. Johnny keeps on singing while Amani faints again, talk about hanging on a note.

The judges wonder if it’s nerves – like, it’s not nerves. She needs to go the hospital. The judges cut everybody but the singing waiter. Clearly he wants this, no matter who passes out.

When would they ever learn, if you feel weak and can’t performed – drop out. Your health comes first. Stay hydrated and have food in their stomach.

“Hollywood Five” sang “Mercy” and it’s really good. They even use a stand-up microphone, that was awesome. They all advance.

The final group was MIT another good name would be Awkward Bossy Cowboy Group. Cocky Richie takes moment to speak alone to the camera, talking about how he’s compromising and gets all up on his self-righteous little horse. I hope he rides a bull and the bull kicks him out. He’s annoying.

They sang “Broken Strings” too and everybody does good (except Richie, he’s a little rough). The backup dancing and vocals are pretty lacking, but the solos should save them. And then they all advance. For Richie he should have seconds’ thoughts before he posted that video post on American Idol. He’s annoying. He should be happy by now, he made it through.

Solo performances

Joshua Ledet does a really lovely job on “Jar of Hearts,” particularly on the chorus.

Last year’s also-ran Colton Dixon takes on “What About Now” and it’s pretty solid, though his skunk-like hair and skinny tie. He did good, I hopes he makes it again. At least he looked good.

Phil Phillips does his Dave Matthews best on “Wicked Game” – it’s almost unrecognizable, but in a good way.

On “Georgia on My Mind,” Jen Hirsh goes throwback. It’s a little self-indulgent for my taste, but she pulls it out at the end. Very good indeed. She’s a keeper.

Creighton Fraker, does alright on “What a Wonderful World.” It’s a little too big, but it was good. I like that song quieter, but it was good.

Reed Grimm has to work with the band for 30 minutes because he’d been planning to sing a capella, but he’s not allowed to now. It’s weird that they didn’t make that clear. Or did he procrastinated on the last minute.

The vocal coach was Katharine McPhee’s mom, just in case anybody was wondering and she stars on the hit show “Smash” on NBC Mondays night at 10pm. Watch it. It’s good.

Reed’s spastic personality won’t let him focus and Stage Mom McPhee is not having any of it.

Meanwhile, Shannon Magrane sings “What a Wonderful World” and I like this version better than Creighton’s, but they were both good.

Back with Reed – he’s like freaking out about the entire experience, or something. And calls his mom. Then he comes running to the auditorium and says he’s going to play the drums while he sings. He does “Georgia On My Mind” and goes to his weird savant place and it’s pretty great.

Adam “White Chocolate” Brock tears up “Georgia.” He was good and sang it real good.

Rooms of Doom

In Room 1, we have Erika Van Pelt, Adam Brock, Joshue Ledet, Creighton Fraker, Jen Hirsh and Hallie Day. And other people too.

Room 2 has Phil Phillips, Eben Franckewitz, Skylar Laine and Shannon Magrane. And other people too.

Room 3 has Rachelle Lamb, Britney Kerr, Jennifer Mulsh and some other guy. And other people too.

And Room 4 has Stephanie Renee, Baylie Brown, Brittany Kellog and Angie Zeiderman. And other people too.

Rooms 1, 2, 4 advances while room 3 goes home and their theme music was “Mad World” was playing as group 3 were sent home.