Last year Miss American pageant winner was the yodeling ventriloquist. The Muppet was good, but she was gorgeous.

The opening credits for Collision Earth on the Syfy just started. Sometime, the pageant is boring to watch so I was flipping the channels back and forth. When there’s a slow moment. I switch it back and forth.

Chris Harrison, from the bachelorette is hosting the show. Who will get the final rose and leaving the show tonight? We have to wait and see.

Miss Colorado did a Tim Tebow move. Will she win if she did that move? Isn’t it copyrighted by Tim Tebow? Miss Florida cites beaches, theme parks and people as her state assets. Now the ladies are doing the electric slide on the Hoover Dam. One small move and one of them will go down and block the water flow.

In space, the planet Mercury is being pulled away by the sun and causing the magnetic force on earth. It was pulling vehicles from the crowd and tossing it to the ground with explosives. The world is ending!

Miss Maryland actually said, “Come enjoy our crabs” Ew? The world is ending soon. Miss North Carolina, she got her fame by playing miniature golf. Miss Pennsylvania said, “Come to my state for a delicious kiss – a Hersey kiss that is” and the out fit wasn’t approved. She was Amish.

The magnetic part, it took off the clothes of MissPennsylvaniaand revealed her hot body to the judges and the cast. Sorry it was the cars floating off into space. A spacecraft got pulled into mercury magnetic pulled, and it is eager to get out.

Since the show is base upon the winner, the winner will get a scholarship with prizes.

The woman scientist is stuck in her spacecraft with two dead pilots, and she wanted to get back home. She tried to radio help, but it got picked up a short-wave radio on earth in which the students thought it was a fake call. The scientist lady was confused. The scientist lady identifies herself again, and they believe her story. The scientist lady told the students to look for her husband.

The judges, well one of them were Kris Jenner, the Kardashian empire. What does he know judging a beauty pageant? Anyway, the girls who were  advancing Miss Oklahoma, Miss South Carolina, Miss Florida, Miss New York, Miss Iowa, Miss Texas, Miss Virginia, Miss Illinois, Miss Arizona, Miss Alabama, Miss Tennessee, and Miss Wisconsin.

Swimsuit time,Oklahoma is rocking in her bathing suit, so that’s made the corn grow taller.South Carolina looked great and Florida too. Miss Virginia had in a slivery bikini, sparkle the stage. Miss Tennessee had a, She-Ra moment with the amulet on the front of bikini. North Carolina boobs were uneven. It needed to be black duct tape. Miss California had on the skankiest bikini, but it looked great on her and my neck has been hurting. The tall ladies looked great in their swimsuit.

More catastrophe on earth, as Mercury comes close to Earth. It magnifies everything picking up cars and throwing it everywhere.

Advancing  were Miss Alabama, Louisiana, Iowa, Illinois, South Carolina, New York,Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona,Texas, and California.

The evening wear,Iowa steaming in red.Illinois wearing a prom dress to bed. South Carolina was gorgeous. So was New York with a great neck line.Wisconsin dress in black and elegant looking. Tennessee slinks down the runaway.Arizona looking elegant with a skintight dress.Texaswas looking fantastic.   California looked great and so does Oklahoma.

It’s a matter of time Planet Mercury is getting closer. The scientists are looking for an energy field to protect the earth being sucked into.

The talent portion was getting ready. Miss Arizonais a burlesque dancer.Illinois and Louisiana, a Pointe dancer,Illinois was much better. Miss Oklahoma did an Irish step dancer. She was great.  Miss Texas looks gorgeous. She was a classical pianist. Miss New York sang “Disney land” probably she wanted to go to Disneyland. She could have sung “New York”?  Miss Wisconsin sang opera. She was good. She’s not Jackie Evancho, but she was good. Miss Tennessee sang “Memory” does she want us to remember her? Miss Iowa sang “You Raised Me Up” Eh, good. Miss California did ballet from Black Swan. The movie was better.

It’s the Q&A part of the show.

The first question goes to Wisconsin. She is asked if Miss America should declare her political views. She gives a very diplomatic answer, but doesn’t answer the question.

Oklahoma gets an obesity question about government regulations of feeding kids. She says it’s the parents’ responsibility and then the government wouldn’t have to step in. There’s a lot to say and 20 seconds is crunched. Maybe talking faster.  Arizona gets Kris Jenner, who asks about Tim Tebow and religion. She gives a great answer about being convicted and strong in who you are, but not thrusting your faith onto someone else. New York advanced after that horrid talent performance. She gets an Occupy Wall Street question, and she does. Teri Polo looks like she wants to cut her.

Miss California gets a “Teen Mom” question.  She answered did not make any sense but quoted “appetite for reality television.” Maybe she was thinking about food. She did not eat the whole day.

Miss American 2011 Teresa Scalan gets her last walk, before she is taken out back and the new MissAmericawill be crowned.

First goes Miss California, she will get her own reality TV show soon.  Then Arizona went home. I was sure she would stay. Miss New York could have sung a better song, or maybe she would go toFloridaand sing the song there. Miss Oklahoma and Miss Wisconsin down to two. Hippe and Yeah Miss Wisconsin  wins.

By the way, the earth was saved. The small space craft hooked up with the bigger craft. The program was uploaded, which caused an energy shield around the bigger craft which would stop the magnetism. The small craft was pushing the bigger craft.

The lady scientist space craft was stuck and couldn’t move because of the docking maneuver. She wiggled  the craft  and un-snapped docking the from the big craft and fled the scene.

Sorry I was watching a movie on the Syfy at the same time.