Happy New Year it’s the new year of 2012, what could happen in 2012? We do have a doomsday in December of 2012, but will that come? If I was you? Start getting supplies now and built a house on the highest mountain top, but make sure it’s not a volcano – that wouldn’t help.

Or will that crazy priest from last year who predicted the earth will end. We did have some crazy weather last year.  However, the world is still standing; nothing moves. The earth has to spin anyway. When we have crazy weather out there, and we can’t control it, however, we do have to get supplies to live by. So if I was you. Get extra supplies of batteries. Keep a generator nearby. Charge your cell phone before the storm comes and get extra charges for the phone. We have to vote for our favorite contestants on American Idol – but use it for emergencies only. Charge your camcorder and your laptop, the same thing applies here, get extra charges for the laptop too. Just be in the safe side and don’t forget the food. We all need food to survive. Just have enough to live by.

Another event that happened this year, we have twins born around the USA on New Years Eve and New Years day. Does that mean we only have to make one or two cakes? Or who was born first?