Transformer 3: The Dark of the Moon had succeeded it’s goal to reach 35 million dollars on sale, on it’s first day. It was good. The battle sequence is massive destruction to the city of Chicago. But why that city? Is it obvious the city has it a bad reputation once before with violence and gangs? I know it has beautiful landmark of buildings. They could have picked a smaller city, and the city can get it’s recognition? I even saw Oprah Winfrey running away from the Transformers.

The story is Sam Witwicky is out of a job, but his car has a job working for the government and his beautiful hot girl friend Carly has a job working at a car museum. He finally get’s a job working for his girlfriend as a mail room clerk.

Before the moon landing in 1969, the story was there was some interference in the galaxy, some inter-galactic massive alien out there that crashed onto the dark side of the moon. Many people believe that the man landing on the moon was a hoax, but it could be a government cover up of the real alien life out there? We still don’t know until this date. Secrete mission on the Space Shuttle, yeah right putting up new satellite for communications, actually trying to look for aliens life forms on other planets besides Mars.

An alien autobot was found on the moon it crashed. It was accidental turned on and came to earth and has the voice of Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek.

Sam Wickity and his girl friend Carly, the hot one and I am grooling on my keyboard as I type this review, knows what is going on and wanted to stop the invasion of other autobots coming to earth. He must save the world again and stop the ending of the world.  It has been predicted so many times.

The visual directions are done perfectly well by movie directorMichaelBayand his team of visual animators. The visual effects were fantastic even in 3D too. This movie will get nominated for an Oscar in the technical field.

The stunt doubles for the action sequence should be nominated as best stunts work in a movie. Please Oscars have a category for best stunt work in a movie.

The battle scenes on the big screen were fantastic to watch, and some autobot took my popcorn.

I can’t even describe the visual aspect of Transformer 3: The dark side of the Moon. It is jam pack with action in every frame. It will keep you on the edge of your seat for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Some patrons may like it or not. Due to extensive of battle scenes that reminds us of war in the Middle East.