Well, not exactly. It was the season 11 premiere of CSI with Justin Bieber, this will scare all the teenage girls. Yep, he was bad boy and he wanted to kill the cops. Who else wanted to do that, definitely not me, it was a story on CSI.

His acting performance, he should have put a clown make up on and look liked the Joker from Batman that would be real scary. Plus I can hear the screaming teenage girls running away from the HD TV, not in my house, my mom is in her 80’s and she was screaming like a teenage girl. Did not know she can do that? Anyway, Justin acting performance, he can look cute on TV, but it looked like he did a crash course on acting. What’s next for him a comedy? Probably on the “Big Bang Theory” he can play a nerd or geek and have a crush on Penny.  Acting is not easy, it’s hard work.

His character was the brother of the bomber who was buying hydrochloric acid for making bombs. He was gunned down by cops near a stored that was selling it. When they approached his car and opened the trunk. The cops saw maps of their police station and wanted bomb it, like they did early ago in the opening sequence in the cemetery where the coffin exploded in a blast and so did the van that was rigged to explode too.

The brothers were upset because their adopted father figured was arrested so the brothers wanted to take revenge and killed the cops. While Justin Bieber character was in the holding cell his brother took over as the bomber, which makes him as the accomplished.

He did look bad in jail when the camera pan slowly and he gave an evil smirk of a smile. He’s evil. So he wanted to take revenge and killed the cops. Would he come back on CSI or be sent to a maximum prison for plotting to kill the cops at their scene.

So bad boy bieber was in jail.

I can hear the teenagers all across America screaming and possible running away from their HD TV.