The State Library was located in this room from 1840 until 1888.  The room was completed in the Gothic style in 1842, when the staircase, gallery, and shelves were added to hold the growing collection of books and papers.  The collection began with more than 2,000 volumes and grew to nearly 40,000.  It was open only to state officials until 1845, when policies were eased and the general public was admitted.  By 1859, the State Library had outgrown its small, cramped room and was spilling its contents into other offices of the Capitol, including the building’s closets.  In 1888, the State Library moved to a larger building and is now housed in its third location since leaving the Capitol — the Archives and History/State Library Building on Jones Street.  This room’s 1856-1857 appearance has been re-created based on information contained in legislative papers and other records in the State Archives.

During the 2003 investigation, the Ghost Research Foundation, mentioned the most paranormal activity was the State Capital itself.  The staff would see dark shadows staring at them and disappear in front of them.  They were being touch, and the scarier thing was hearing voices out loud when no one was there.

During Former Governor Hunt administration in 1970’s, the secretary who was working with Hunt and retired talked to the investigators.  The Governor Hunt told her, that he had heard books falling down on the third floor and the sound of dragging noise from the furniture.  The library was being refurnishing.  No one was there.  Not even the workers. They were gone for the night because he had checked the library himself after he heard it from downstairs. He went up to investigate it and nothing was moved.