Boo 2! A Madea Halloween


Boo 3 MP

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween is a comedy horror written, produced, directed by and starring Tyler Perry.  Wow,  he can do everything, that’s inspiration. He is a genius of filmmaking.  He knows how to make us laugh at the silliest. We need a good movie to laugh at, instead of watching slasher movies. What can we learn from slasher movies? Trying not to be killed and get a good career when we graduated from our universities.

It is the tenth film in the Madea series, the sequel to Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016) and the third Madea film (after Madea’s Witness Protection and Boo!) not adapted from the stage play. What if Boo was a Broadway play, that will be one to watch and hysterical.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry plays three characters in this movie; he plays Mabel “Madea” Simmons, Brian Simmons and Uncle Joe Simmons.

John Shearer

Cassi Davis is an American actress and singer. She is best known for her role as Ella Payne on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and one of Madea best friends from the TV show and it Madea films, since 2009.

Patrice Lovely

Patrice Lovely is an American actress, and comedian. She is best known for her role as Hattie Love in the sitcom Love Thy Neighbor and the comedy film Boo! A Madea Halloween.

Madea, Bam, and Hattie venture to a haunted campground and the group must run for their lives when monsters, goblins, and the boogeyman are unleashed.

Go see it. But don’t choke on your popcorn!


Tyler Perry Accuses Atlanta Police of Racial Profiling.

The cops are profiling everyone these days, but sometime they can’t tell who we are. One would be Tyler Perry; he created the iconic role Madea’s character on TV and in movie roles, he was almost arrested just because he was taking a right turn in a center lane inAtlanta, and he was black.

The cops, on the other hand, didn’t know who he was. The cops thought Perry was being followed and kept asking Perry, who was following him. The situation got worst by the badgering of questioning, and Perry stepped out of his vehicle to let other passerby to see what was happening and going on, and how the cops are mishandling him just because he was black.

The cops had a suspicion of why would he take the center lane for a right turn, and that got the cops’ thinking.  None of the cops did an investigation of him of who he was. The cops thought he was criminal just because he was black. If he was dressed as Madea, Tyler Perry’s female alter ego, the cops would leave him alone, because Madea would give the cops a piece of her mind.

When another cop came by, he recognized it was Tyler Perry, the actor and director. He was surprised if an “Oh-no” look on his face and the humiliation and embarrassed of Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry was released with no ticket, but the humiliation of theAtlantacops of mishandling and profiling all blacks are criminal.