Are students really smart?

High School and Middle school students think they could get away without being caught when they write a paper, and the teacher would give the student a failing grade, because the paper. The paper was identical to one of the smartest students who handed to the teacher in the beginning of the class. Student’s think they are David Copperfield, a fame magician who uses sleight of hand tricks, but for students, their sleight of hand tricks could get a slap of the hand by the ruler.

When would teenagers ever learn not to copy and paste, but give the right sources or some documentation to the paper? Do they know how to read and summarize and then give the citation sources? The teacher is giving all the resources to the students, and the students are not using the resource’s material that was given? Students don’t care.

And why do students have to procrastinate at the last minute. Cramming everything within a twenty-four-hour period. Students think or work better, under pressure. I have that song stuck in my head, “Ice Ice Baby” singing ‘Under Pressure’. When they work under pressure, either they get tired and fall asleep in the class while taking a test or use the mouth drool as the answer. Do they learn how to read and write and then summarize it?

Did you know that some teenagers use the internet to solve algebraic problems? Just type in the equation and the answer is solved. What’s wrong with solving by hand and understand how to do it? Algebra is supposed to be easy, even a fifth grader can solve it.

We use algebraic everyday in our lives, like how many French fries can be used when there’s a crowd of 40 people in line? You need more. One basket French Fries would not help.

Or how fast can a bullet travel when leaving from a gun? That’s a calculus problem. My niece wanted to be cop or a CSI agent. She loves watching CSI on CBS. However, it’s hard work to be a cop or CSI agent. We got to have math and science.

When a teenager tells an adult to Google it, Yahoo it or Bing it. They are not being as smart as they are supposed to be. The student should figure it out. They are supposed to learn and put it in their brain. The student should learn how to read and find out things. Analyze and use their critical-thinking skills to see if they are smart enough to pass the class for the third time in the sixth grade!

If they could understand relationship problems with their friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, they could use the same principle in reading a book. What are the character motivations in the book? Is Bella Swan really pregnant? Would she have baby werewolves or vampire babies?

Adults don’t care. They have to work and make money. Teenagers don’t care they are either texting to their friends, and their spelling is awful when they text. Have they taken English classes? They are using improper grammar while texting – spell out the words!

A teenage mind is full of tricks, don’t waste your time pranking an adult. The student would wind up in jail for doing something stupid – let that be a lesson. Enjoy prison food and the toilet is right next to the bed – remember to close the lid before going to sleep.

Gleeee and Wow: Taking Longer to Read in the Bathroom

If people who loved “Glee” they should know there are actors who are portraying high school students in the fictional world of high school glee club. Actress Dianna Agron said she’s sorry about some aspects of GQ’s recent racy “Glee” spread. However, why would anyone like 8 years old child who wants to read GQ? Can an 8 years old child read this magazine? No. Take the magazine away from the child and replace with Katy Perry and Elmo on the cover of Sesame Street Magazine!

“If you are hurt or these photos make you uncomfortable, it was never our intention,” Agron wrote on her blog, noting that “Glee” is not the first pop phenomenon to push this particular envelope. And she’s right. Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus have pushed the limits of being more adults and the Glee cast is mostly mature and they are not teenagers, but raising issues they go through on each episode.

“And if your eight-year-old has a copy of our GQ cover in hand, again I am sorry,” she said. “But I would have to ask, how on earth did it get there?”

What she meant to say, why a child an 8 year old would want would read a magazine like that. Do they go by the articles? No the pictures of course.

Is it time to stop subscribing to GQ, which comes to the house? If you have children underage like 12, they should not read it.

Or if you notice your child takes longer in the bathroom,  you know what they are reading. At least they are reading.