Real Police Ghost Stories

You probably read my blog, that I like to write about the paranormal, true paranormal stories from everyday life. Even I witness something paranormal. When my mom died in 2016, with Alzheimer and dementia, two days after her death I saw a white orb floating in my house. I knew it was her.  She wanted to see her son and her husband, and she did. My dad did not see it, only I did. I believe in the afterlife and the paranormal.

Zachery Knowles who write’s true paranormal stories; even his writings are scary to read.  I have a couple of his books:



True Ghost Stories: Real Police Ghost Stories: True Tales of the Paranormal as Told by Cops and Other Law Enforcement Officials

These are fascinating stories told by cops; you can’t make this up.




True Ghost Stories: Real Haunted Cemeteries and Graveyards

The same thing goes for haunted cemeteries. I never walk across a cemetery at night in the summertime when the day is hot and nights in the graveyard can be cold.

If you like good ghost stories, check out his other stories too. He’s a fantastic writer.

Deliver Us from Evil

brock ghost  7 11 2013The Brock family moved in Kokomo, Indiana in 1970’s, with their twin daughters Lana and Lisa and the older one Mary. They purchased the house because it was a reasonable price to buy and be a family. 

Being a Christian family and their belief of the Christian world, the house did not like them. Over the past 30 years living in the house it was hell every day.

“We want to get this out, get it out of our mind and never have to talk about it again because it’s been way too long that we needed to move on and forget about it,” Ann said, the mother of the family.

The family members today lived in London to get away from the house, but they came back to tell their story to “Paranormal Witness” last year and let the world know that they have witness evil in the house.

The story began when the family moved to the home when daughters Lana and Lisa were 4 years old. Even at that age, Lana said she noticed right away that something was wrong with the house.

“It was a dark house on the inside, and I just felt like I wasn’t alone in the house. So as a little kid I always sensed there was something dangerous there, but I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know how to define it,” she said.

For years, Lana said she never actually saw anything, but soon she began hearing clicking noises, clawing noises on the ceiling, in the attic, and inside the wall, she said.

Ann said the children would complain to her and Roger, her husband, but she said they were young children with imaginations. By 1978, the couple added two more children, Roger, Jr., and James—all of whom eventually experienced what Lana noticed from the start.

It wasn’t until Lana was a teenager that she began actually seeing things, she said.

“The first really terrifying moment for me was a night when I was sleeping in the back bedroom on the floor with my two sisters, and I felt the floor move. I felt a wave beneath me, like footsteps, and I was only about 13 or 14 years old. Before that I heard a shuffling of feet moving,” she said, saying that she jumped up on the bed with her sister where they stayed until morning.

Another time, Lana said she saw what looked like a man outside the house, looking inside.

“We witnessed apparitions several times in the back bedroom. One time I saw what looked like a man on the outside of my house with his face pressed up against the window—except it wasn’t a man. It was a dark creature of some kind,” she said, describing him as looking wet and dripping.

The family filed a police report for the occurrence, she said, but nothing came of it.

Lana said something she and all of her siblings saw was what she identified as a solid, dark black mass that would hover above them while they were in bed. Most of the activity would occur in the back of the house, she said.

Father’s Realization

In 1983, the family had company over. The visitors were given the back bedroom to sleep in, and Roger slept on the floor in the living room. He was awoken by what Ann said he described as a green leprechaun that was scratching its fingers on Roger’s legs.

“Our kids had been telling their dad and me what was happening. They were telling us stuff, but you know how kids imagine they see something? We thought they were just seeing stuff, but the night my husband saw it, he changed his mind,” Ann said. “It was a creature, and it was living in that house when we bought it.”

Knowing that it couldn’t be explained to police, the family brought in a pastor from Temple Baptist Church to bless the house and pray with the family.

Lana said asking the pastor to come in to help because it was hard on her father.

“That’s really hard for a Baptist to do, to admit to a pastor of a church that something is in their house. He felt like it was his fault, like in some way he did something to invite evil into the house, and I think that might be why my dad waited so long to contact them about it,” she said.

The family hoped the blessing on the house would fix whatever was wrong. However, it only escalated the activity, Lana said.

“It made it worse. Whatever was there started making louder noises, and it began to move furniture,” she said.

When the family first moved into the house, Roger created two large bookcases that were so large they were fastened to the wall to hold Roger’s ministry books, Lana said.

The family was coming back from church one Sunday morning, and they couldn’t get the front door to open. The doorknob would unlock, but the door wouldn’t budge.

Finally, the younger son, broke a window to get in and found the bookcase up against the door and the books scattered around the room. This happened again years later, she said, noting that it wasn’t possible that someone had broken in, as the door remained locked, and there were no signs of forced entry. And the books were standing oddly in the house.

Another incident happened when Roger was sitting in the kitchen, studying the bible when he began to feel strange. Ann said his hands began to shake, and the ceiling fell in on him. He wasn’t badly hurt, but he knew something wasn’t right, she said.

After that, Roger asked a different pastor to come in and try to bless the house again in 1984. That time didn’t help either, Ann said.

Strange events continued to happen. More than once, the family’s black poodle, Sam, broke out of a window that Ann said was impossible for him to jump up to, let alone break through it himself.

“The kids came home, and Sam was in the backyard covered in blood, bleeding. He had been thrown out the window because there was no way he could have jumped,” she said.

Ann said Roger would replace the glass each time. However, eventually it became too expensive, and the family feared for the dog’s life. They gave Sam away.

“Something was throwing him out of that window,” she said.

The children grew up in the house, and they eventually got married and moved out.

Looking Back 

When asked why the family stayed in the house so long, Lana said it was a mix of them having a tough time financially and because they trusted their father and that the occurrences could be solved through prayer.

“(My parents) had five kids. My dad put us in a private school, and that wasn’t cheap to send us to Temple Christian Academy. I’m sure they wanted to move and get away from all of that. It was a dark, oppressive, heavy atmosphere in that house. It was subduing, and I wasn’t happy there. I know I wasn’t.”

“I can’t speak for everyone else. I know that everybody had good memories there because we did. We tried to be a happy family. We enjoyed baseball and stuff like that. But when you’re faced with something like spirits and you come from a religious background and no one can help you, you feel a little helpless.”

“There’s nothing you can do, and I’m sure my dad wanted to do something. He probably would have rather let God take care of it that way. That was his answer for everything. But, you know, my dad, he was what made us feel safe in that house, his praying, his prayers. He was always praying for us.”

“It didn’t matter if the ceiling fell. He was going to continue fighting for his family and praying for his family. He was immovable, and because of that attitude he had and his feelings for his family, that made us feel safe even though we didn’t have the answers,” she said.

Roger, passed away in 2005, and since, Lana said the family has become more open to talk about what happened in the house, though some of the family still refuses to speak about it.

Lana went on to become a part-time paranormal investigator and continues to seek answers, she said.

“(The experience) made me realize that the church and the bible don’t have all the answers for these things. For me, it opened up a road of exploration because I became a paranormal investigator for that. That’s how it affected me in the way I continue to seek answers,” she said.

Still seeking answers, Ann went to the man who sold the family the house to see if he had heard anything about a murder in the home.

“My mother contacted that man. He’s very old. He told her that he had heard there was a death like that, possibly someone getting killed, but he didn’t know if it was true,” she said. “Something like that now you have to tell people. You have to let them know before you sell them the house, but back then, they wouldn’t have said anything.”

The home was since burned down by a serial arsonist in 2001, and the lot has remained empty since.

Abandon Sandy Hook Elementary School

As one may know already, the children of Sandy Hook elementary are returning to their school, the new school. The old school is now a crime scene and possible may be abandon. Who would use that school when a vicious crime was committed their?

When a crime or killing in a school happens, things may go paranormal scary. What I meant by this, children were killed in the school, and the gun man who killed them, left  presence there.

It may eerie to investigate a crime scene where children were involved. What would happened if an investigator was looking for clues and he suddenly hears a child foot steps in the hall way or hear crying voices in the building. He is not alone in the building. It may not be scary, but there are spirits of children and a madman who died in the building.

What about the killer itself, he left an immense impression in the school. He killed many people and their spirits will remain there or be residual spirits trying to conduct a class and the killer will be their killing again.

It would be scary to go back to the school to investigate for more clues, the crime was already done. They have found the gun and dead bodies. What else can they possible find?

Don Baker’s Rain Man

A man materializes streams of water out of thin air and defies gravity in front of nine witnesses.

February 24, 1983. The funeral of James Kishaugh. Kishaugh’s grandson, 21-year-old Don Decker ofStroudsburg,Pennsylvania, was granted a furlough from the county jail to attend the funeral. Don was serving a 4- to 12-month sentence for receiving stolen property. But no one at the funeral knew he had a dark secret. Don’s grandfather, the man he pretended to mourn, had physically abused him from the time he was just 7-years-old:

“No other part of the family knew anything about what happened, and it was like good fighting evil. The evil was gone and I was hoping, you know, that everything would change.”

Well, things did change, but not in a way Don Decker could ever have imagined. After the funeral, he decided to spend the night with his friends, Bob and Jeannie Keiffer. And that’s when the unexplained began to happen.  It was at the Keiffer’s home that all the uneasy feelings stirred up at the funeral came back to haunt Don. Suddenly he felt a deep chill. At almost the same time, water began to drip from the living room walls as Don says he fell into a strange, trance-like state.  The Keiffers notified the landlord, Ron Van Why. When Ron arrived, he was just as puzzled by the problem as the Keiffers:

“We’d decided maybe it was the plumbing, but there were no pipes in the front end of the house to leak. There was basically nothing there that the water could have come from.” 
After watching it for a while, I discovered that it wasn’t only coming from the ceiling down. It could come from the wall over or from the floor up. There was no basic direction that it was coming from. It could come from anywhere.”

Ron telephoned his wife, Romayne, and the police. Patrolman Richard Wolbert arrived at the scene:

“At this point he was telling me, ‘I just want you to walk into the house.’ I said ‘I’m not walking into the house unless you explain to me what I’m walking into.’  He says, ‘Trust me, trust me, just walk into the house.’ I walked in the door and he came right in behind me. And I couldn’t get two steps inside the door and I was absolutely pelted.

Officer Wolbert said that not only was it raining inside, but that the water drops defied physics:

“We were standing just inside the front door and met this droplet of water traveling horizontally. It passed between us and just traveled out into the next room.”

John Baujan was another officer at the house that night:

“I literally had a chill going up my spine, made the hair stand up on your neck. That’s how I felt. This was a situation where things were happening that I never, ever dreamed could possibly happen. And there was no way of explaining what was going on.”

At this point, the officers left to report the incident to the police chief. The Keiffers and Don walked across the street for something to eat.  Ron Van Why and his wife remained at the house:

“They left, and everything else left, too. The rain stopped. The house was normal. We were kind of thinking that maybe it was coming from them, and we weren’t sure, at that time which one.”

Pam Scrofano, who owned the restaurant across from the Keiffers’ house, had visited them earlier that day and had seen the rain firsthand. Pam was convinced Don Decker, sitting in her restaurant with the Keiffers, was possessed by an evil spirit:

“You looked at Donny and he was like in a trance. He would look at you, but not knowing you were there. I said to Jeannie, ‘He’s got to be possessed.’  We’re sitting there. Couple of seconds later, there’s water all over the pizzeria, too. I’ve never seen anything like that happen. I went in the cash register, I had a crucifix there, I took it out, put it on him. And the minute I put it on him and it touched his skin, he got burned. There’s no way that anybody could have played a joke like that. This was real. Donny was doing it himself. He was doing it without realizing he was doing it.

Even Don Decker began to believe that he was somehow responsible. The rain in the restaurant was the last straw:

“That made me more sure that I had something to do with it because it was following me. And it didn’t start raining in the house until I got there. They were living there and nothing ever happened. And that’s when I started realizing that it was me.”

Back at the Keiffers’ house, Romayne, the landlord’s wife, confronted Don, accusing him of somehow causing all the trouble. Don Decker recalled:

“The pots and pans over the stove started rattling. That’s when I got levitated off the floor. I was just like floating. Then it was like a push. It wasn’t like somebody taking their hand and pushing me. It was like feeling it all over your body at once. I’m a big guy, you know, I’ve always been assertive, and that made me felt like a newborn. You know, I’m scared right now just talking about it, really.”

A few hours after the strange incident in the kitchen, Officers Baujan and Wolbert arrived with their chief. Officer Baujan describes what happened:

“When the chief got to the house, he was pelted with water just as Rich and I were. I got the impression that he was put on the spot, maybe a little bit embarrassed, like we expected something out of him that he could answer. There was no way to explain what happened. I think he was put in a position where he might have felt a little uncomfortable.”

The police chief announced that the problem was a plumbing issue and ordered his officers to leave the Keiffer house. Officer Baujan said they were told not to file a report and not to even talk about the incident:

“Well, he just flat out denied it; it didn’t happen. And he tried to convince me that nothing happened. And he wasn’t going to do that. I saw it. And that’s all there is to it.”

The next day, three officers ignored the orders of the police chief. They went to the Keiffer home to continue their investigation. One of the officers was Bill Davies:

“We’re standing there and I gave Mr. Decker this gold cross to hold. Next thing he says, ‘It’s burning my hands.’ And there’s no explanation for it. When you picked it up, when you grabbed it, it’s not hot-hot, but it’s hot and I held onto it.”

Don also once again levitated off the floor. Lt. John Rundle said he witnessed it:

“All of a sudden, he lifted up off the ground and he flew across the room with the force as though a bus had hit him. There were three claw marks on the side of his neck, which drew blood. I have no answer for it whatsoever. And, I just draw a blank, even today.”

Officer Bill Davies was also at a loss:

“I’ve been a cop 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like this, never. There’s always an explanation when something happens.  If you gotta investigate, you come up with something. This is why it happened. For this case, there is no explanation.”

Finally, on the third night, Ron Van Why asked a preacher to come to the house and try an exorcism. Every Protestant minister and Catholic priest in Stroudsburg had turned Ron down.  Ron Van Why:

“As she started to pray, Donny went into a convulsion. He started to shake. He pulled himself up into like a ball and the longer she prayed, he started to relax, then.”

Romayne Van Why said she felt a change in the house:

“His whole body seemed to quiet completely down, and as you’re standing there watching this, you could feel the house itself seemed to take on a total different feeling.”

Ron Van Why:

“And by the time she got done praying, the water was gone.  And that was the last that we saw any water at the house at all.”

The mysterious rain was gone and Don Decker appeared to return to his old self.  But the change was only temporary. After his furlough, Don returned to jail. Within a few days, the mysterious rain returned, this time, in the jail:

“They put me in a maximum security cell. I was in there with another inmate. And I was thinking I should make it rain in here. And all of a sudden, water started coming out of the concrete floor, and at that point, I thought, ‘I can do stuff.’”

According to Don, he now realized he could control the rain, at will. A skeptical guard challenged him to make it rain in Warden Dave Keenhold’s office. Warden Keenhold recalled:

“I was sitting at the desk, writing a report. I was all by myself in the administration area. Nobody else was around. It was approximately 8:00 in the evening. At the time, I didn’t feel anything, but my shirt was drooping down.”

An officer entered and told Warden Keenhold to look at his shirt:

“And right about the center of my sternum, about four inches long, two inches wide, I was just saturated with water. I was startled. I was scared. The officer was frightened at that particular time, and I just didn’t have an explanation why it happened.”

The Warden called in the Rev. William Blackburn:

“All of a sudden, I received this frantic call from a sergeant in the jail. And he said, ‘Can you come over? We need you. We need your help.’ So he brought this very meek and mild-mannered young man into the room. And he was asking for my help.”

Don told the Reverend that he could make it rain and that crosses placed on his body burned. According to the Reverend Blackburn, he told Don to admit that he was just making things up, then:

“All of a sudden his demeanor changed and this smell came into the room. Nurses and doctors, medical people, say when you walk into a room where someone is dying with a cancer or something, usually there’s a smell. You can tell when you walk in the room. I smelled a smell like that multiplied five times at least. Evil, foreboding. He raised his hand and rubbed his fingers together. And all of a sudden, it started to rain. It was like the devil’s rain. It was a mist. I was in the presence of evil. I opened up the Bible and started to read to him. But the pages never got wet. So help me, it was a frightening thing. 
I think I was praying more for me than him. I prayed, and it was only a brief period, and the rain stopped.”

Rev. Blackburn said he noticed a sudden change in Don as well:

“He subsided and you could feel a peace. He said thank you. He got tears in his eyes. We hugged and prayed together. He was possessed. There was no doubt in my mind. There’s no way a human could do what he did in that room. There’s no way that he did anything, but what he did was spiritual, and it wasn’t of God. Guaranteed, it was not of God.”

Don Decker said that he feels like the bizarre occurrences won’t happen again:

“Well it’s over. It hasn’t happened again. Basically, I’m just hoping that it never will, and I just, you know, go day by day. And as for my grandfather, I think what had happened was his doing. Because he abused me when I was young, he got a chance to abuse me again.”

Chip Decker, no relation to Don, and Peter Jordan are the main paranormal researchers on this case. Chip was impressed with the eye-witness accounts:

“I think what makes this case very unique is that all of the witnesses are so credible. We’re dealing with very good, well-seasoned police officers that were obviously rather frightened and shaken by this, but also had the powers of observation.”

Peter Jordan:

“The Donald Decker case is by far the singularly most fascinating and important case I have ever personally been involved in. That does not mean I believe that it necessarily is proof positive to me of demonic infestation. But it is the case, in my own personal experience up to this point, that comes the closest to that hypothesis.”

In all, nine eyewitnesses, plus Don himself, were willing to go on record saying they saw, heard, and felt phenomena apparently not of this world. And they continue to believe Don was possessed by the devil. They have found no other explanation for the bizarre events.

Don Baker Rain Man