Golden Globes 2018

Seth Meyes

It was the 75th annual Golden Globes last weekend, and the celebrities were happy to the first awards of the new year of 2018. Seth Meyers, Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC, got great reviews of his hosting, he reminded me of Bob Hope when he hosted the Oscars and other awards shows.


The actors and actress wore black for sexual harassment, and the actresses looked gorgeous in black gowns and dresses.

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Press Room, Los Angeles, USA - 07 Jan 2018

People are still talking about it, Oprah Winfrey, gave an inspiring and inspirational speech when she received the Cecil B. DeMille award. Her speech was moving. The news media wanted her to be next president for 2020. Does she have her own network to run? She has several movies coming out this year.  What’s the qualification for being the president? Isn’t that peer pressure and fake news to stir up that she wants to be president. The news media is stirring up controversy again. Get your facts straight!


When Ron Howard and Natalie Portman presented for Best Director, she said “And here are the all-male nominees,” before reading out the list.

Guillermo Del Toro

And then Guillermo del Toro won the category for “The Shape of Water.”

If they want women directors to be nominated for an Oscars or Golden Globes, why is the Golden Globe board members overlooking women directors? Is it the story of the film or the actors in characters in the film? It’s the subject matter and the story.

Kathryn Bigelow did win for best director for directing The Hurt Locker at the Oscars in 2010.  She was nominated for a Golden Globe that year, but she won the Oscar instead. So, if you don’t win the Golden Globe, the Oscars are much better.


In 1984, Barbra Streisand won a Golden Globe for directing Yentl, not the Oscar that year. I saw that movie; it was very good.

They have women directors; however, they are not nominated.

Three Billboards

The offbeat Martin McDonagh film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri pulled off a decisive win with four awards including Best Picture Drama, Actress in a Drama for Frances McDormand, Supporting Actor for Sam Rockwell, and Screenplay.  And it was filmed in Sylva, NC near the mountains of Asheville, NC. It’s a small town.


The Director, Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird, grabbed Best Picture in that category as well as an Actress prize for Saoirse Ronan (above), for Oscar.

Little Big Lies

HBO Big Little Lies Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern won for the series.





Christmas Wars in the family

Family. We love them. But do they really love you when they leave the house early — before the Christmas dinner? What was going through their heads? Is the roast chicken cooked done or over done. It does look brownish black. What just happen here?

It’s not the next war zone, I have seen wars before, in the movies, but those wars are make believe in the movies, but each family should have a clairvoyant, like the one in Breaking Dawn part 2, if  you have already seen the movie that’s great. But it tells the battle of two families, the vampires and the wolves, the same thing in your family – the in laws. No one wants to beheaded in the family, that was in the movie, he lost the battle and he surrender before the real battle begins.  Do we need another war in the house?

We don’t care who was first born or the middle child, or the black sheep in the family. Can we all get along together and help each other out.  Parents are getting older and please do not give them heart attack during the dinner time. Some could choke on a wish bone. And no wish!

Communicate properly, one could be Dr. Phil as the monitor or Oprah Winfrey – yep someone could get a prize.  Be positive when communicate, never put people down. People self-esteem will be ruin and once it is ruin their lives would change. Drugs, alcohol, homelessness, depression and suicide will follow.  Just because you said something negative to that person and you will be responsible and probably that person will haunt you – the ghosts of Christmas.

Be positive to your family members and listen to them, if they have certain skill or talent help them out. Do not neglect one another. By the way, remember you are in your parents will.