How To Be Smart

I wonder if how many students do research on the internet just to find a meaning of a word. Or do they use it to play games on Facebook or other games. I though the internet can make the person smarter. Or don’t bother to use it.  Do they know the internet have a dictionary, electronic encyclopedia and especially blogs, they can really help. No need to go to a library in the middle of an argument just to prove you are right. Your source of information is right here. But make sure the site is updated, check the edition and the year.

If you made up a word and you think it sounds good in a sentence, but do you know the meaning of the word before you use it? If you don’t know the word and you think this could be the meaning of the word, you could be the first human dictionary. You are smart. But what if, you are wrong. You need a second opinion. The dictionary, there’s the book and one on the internet. Is the dictionary the most popular book and online? It could be, but the bible is the number one.  I think they should make the Dictionary in the Top 10 of the most popular books to read.  You can gain knowledge from it.

Anyway here’s the run down of the top ten books:

10 – Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank   27 million copies

9 – Think and Grow Rich  by Napoleon Hill  30 million copies.

8 – Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell   33 million copies

7 – Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer 43 Million copies

6 – The Da Vinci Code  by Dan Brown   57 Million copies

5 – Alchemist  by Paulo Coelho  65 Million copies

4 – Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien   103 Million copies

3 – Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling   400 Million copies

2 – Quotations from The Work  of Mao Tse Tung by Mao Tse Tung  820 million copies

1 – The  Bible 3.9 Million copies.


And the dictionary is not in the top 10 ?


Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince: Sex Orgy

Harry and FriendsThe number one movie in America is “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince” it’s really incredible in how much it made over the 4 days which include weekends. The incredible part you can make 4 times more in one day – a neighbor of mines got busted selling marijuana. He could have changed his last name Potter. The first name – Harry. It will sink in.

Anyway, the movie was good. There were lots of teenagers and adults. It looked like the teenagers read the book and probably cram to read it over night before the big movie premier in our town. Half of the teenagers in my town fell asleep in the big butter pop corn bucket.

Here’s my question: If they read the book. Why do they have to go to the movies and watch it? The words and the imagery of words in the book will put pictures in the teenagers mind. That’s the movie. And it’s in their heads. You could save a lot of money too for not going to the movie theaters.

I went to see “Bruno” the other night. I got offended and walked out within 34 minutes – that bad. There goes my 8 dollars. I kept the popcorn bucket.

The book is better than the movie. Not “Bruno”. I would not dare to read Bruno the novel. Put that on your summer reading list for school. In “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince” you know what’s going to happen in the movie. It’s in the book.

Did you know there’s a sex orgy in the movie? I bet every man in America will want to get a copy of the book and ask their teenager of what chapter is the sex orgy in the book. That will be embarrassing.

The Half-Blood Prince was Darth Vader? It took that long to figure out the half-blood prince was Severus Snape. Is that the mystery of the movie to figure out? Who? It took 2 hours and 10 minutes to figure out it was him. The other 15 minutes was the battle sequence.

In other words, it’s a good movie. I bet every man want to see it again with their children – especially the orgy scene. Or get the book from the bookstore or the library to find out how did J.K. Rowling wrote the kinky stuff.