Haunted McDonalds in Cureo Texas

There’s a McDonalds in Cureo, Texas not only you get your breakfast, lunch, and dinner – but it is haunted!

Before it was a restaurant, it was a gas station, and numerous tragedies occurred over the past decades.

In the 1960s, a four-year-old boy was accidentally killed when his mother was filling up the car.

In the 1980s a mechanic was crushed and killed when the lift malfunction.  The same day, the mechanic served an arrest warrant charging him with the homicide of the daughter of a police officer, who had disappeared at the age of six over ten years earlier.

Dinners and workers at this small McDonalds have heard unexplained sounds. The toilets often flush by themselves, and the walk-in cooler was switched off from the inside during the night.

Wow, I thought someone farted while eating a big-mac.

This is a true story.