Supergirl 2b

I have been waiting for the results since the final episode of the first season of Supergirl.  Supergirl gets a second season and flies to the CW.

I love the show Supergirl, she shows how women can do anything be strong, be independent and go to another network. It’s a fantastic show, it has everything action, adventure, drama, comedy and romance, that’s what the show needs.

The reason why it is going to another network, it’s probably the show was place on Monday nights on CBS with other great shows from different networks, that could be the reason. People can’t decide what to watch, because there are other shows that are competing at the same time and ratings.

Thank you DVRs. People with DVRs can record their favorite show binge the shows on the weekend. Does any does that? Binge their favorite shows and watch it on the weekends? If so, that’s great, if not, you are missing lot of great shows on TV. What you recorded on your DVR counts of what you are watching, and counts as a TV rating for the past week, which is good because they want to see what the viewers like to watch. Live shows, reality shows, and scripted comedies and drama shows. In other words, your favorite shows.

I hope the fans of the show will follow her to another network on the CW, provide the show some ratings, and have a third season.  She can joined her super friends, like The Flash, The Green Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and the CW family of stars.

What took it so long? It was the negotiating process. The CW has great programs to watch.