Quentin-Alexander“This sucks,” Quentin Alexander said,  “My best friend is sitting over there…this whole thing is wack. But I’m gonna shut up now.” Good idea. More words can get him into trouble.

Those are threaten words on American Idol, what he doesn’t know. It’s a competition. They had to two contestants left and Joey Cook went home. Quentin stay and he was lucky.

People have to vote for their favorite to stay, would he stay for another week? According to Harry Connick Jr.  Quentin Alexander performed a rendition of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” the judge said he found the performance unoriginal and felt the band was overshadowing Alexander’s vocals. He should concentrate on his vocals. Joey Cook did the same thing too. She performed great and did people vote for her? Did they?

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????American Idol fans have to vote. Instead of criticizing what they contestants should do. American Idols fans should participate for the Idol Save on twitter and other voting procedure.  Watch the show and save your favorites, keep them for another week. That’s how it works. And keep your favorites.

It’s not the end of the road for Quentin Alexander, however, if he does goes home next week, then he’s done. And he is in Hollywood. He has talent. Someone should offer him a record contract and he has a chance to win American idol.  If people vote him through then he’s good. It is a competition and people have to vote.

I have been watching American Idol for a long time and seen many come and go. Some of them made it big in the singing career and they really work hard and deliver it to their fans.

For the remaining of the contestants on the show, I hope they remember to pick the songs that their voice can sing and work hard at it to be perfect and connect with the audience.