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Results from American Got Talent season 9 live shows, incased you missed it, because you were watching Sharknado: The Second One, it was funny and good to watch.

Anyway, Emily West beat out to Jasmine Flower, Valo and Bobby. The Fan and umbrella act and a balancing act of Valo and Bobby while Valo rides a bike over bobby’s head, that’s a dangerous act. I am glad people decided not to vote for them.

In California when they were auditioning potential contestants for the show, Mel B, Heidi Clum, and Howard Stern were waiting for Howie Mandel to pick them up to go to work. Howie Mandel picked them up in a Starline Bus Tour of Hollywood and took the judges to see his star on the Walk of Fame and the bus left Howie stranded there.

Dan Naturman beat out to The Willis Clan and Sean and Luke. The Willis Clan performed the “Power of Love”, also it was the 29th anniversary of Back of the Future, their performance was good. Sean and Luke tap dancers tap their way to the top, but end up tapping out.

Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie announced three acts that they audition for Today’s Got Talent by YouTube and they were the Domino kids, Rube Goldberg, and Cornell Bhangra. The winner for this was the Punjabi dance group Cornell Bhangra, they will performed in the upcoming weeks of the show.

Miguel Dakota beat out to Julia Goodwin and JD Anderson. What the singer and strongman, got outnumbered? How are they grouping these people according to the number of votes? Julia sang great and looked absolutely gorgeous in a red dress. Maybe Julia did sing at the wrong place but in the right place. I hope Broadway is listening and give her chance to shine and make dream come to true as a Broadway performer.

Remember you have to vote for your favorite, if you want to keep them to win American Got Talent 2014.

Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul sang “Bailando” it was a catchy and upbeat performance; Enrique was all over the stage singing the song.

David and Leeman were the first semi-finals to stay while Baila Conmigo and Flight Crew Jump Rope team waits for the judge’s decision.

Baila Conmigo and Flight Crew Jump Rope are next and the judges had to make a decision of whom to put through. Sometime the judges likes to ramble on and on, of who they like to win while Nick Cannon and it’s plaid suit and his turtle neck had their own show. What? When it comes to the final second of the show we missed what who won this round, at the end Baila Conmigo won this round.