In Washington law enforcement authorities are increasing advising school officials, young students, and teachers to protect themselves from shooters. Why? If we want to protect us from violence, we must use violence in a positive way. Law enforcement may take time to come there, and when they come either the shooter will either kill himself or runaway.

Remember those Karate class and the self defense class we once taken before and the instructor would tell us not to use it in the public? Is it time we use it to protect one’s selves. How do we take down a shooter with an automatic gun? Very carefully.

Here’s a scenario: We hear a shooter coming down the hall way shooting one class after another, and we do not know if the shooter will come to your class. First call 911, if the 911 operator tells someone to clam down and stay clam, but how long do we stay clam?

In the classroom, tuned the long tables to its side, and used it as a shield. If you have books scatter around you, use it as it weapon. Throw the books in the air so the shooter can shoot at it.

The teachers and students should be prepared themselves before the shooter can come in shoot up the class, this should be taught in the beginning of the school year, or even now.

Overall, plan a device to take down the shooter, this is where we applied math and science, like a science project. We could learn something in school once in a while and then go back to our studies. If we plan things ahead of time, and something really happens. We can be safe.