This is the week when students go back to school or university to enjoy his or her life and journey of their education and becoming intelligent and apply their skills of what they have learned. However, when they come home at the end of the day they will ask one question “What’s for supper?”

With all that education, they have learned, and they still don’t know how to cook? Pizza takes out again?  Is that healthy? Universities should have a require course for students to learn how to cook and eat healthy or change their major to be a culinary cook. Once the graduate in the course the student should be able to learn about the restaurant business or become a private chef for people who can’t cook at all – and eat healthy too. Maybe one time we could meet our favorite chef who inspired us.

Another fun course is to make the right decision is customer service, which comes under as business administration. Know the in and outs of a business. You can be your own boss and hire the best employee who follows your goals.

However, we need good customer service these days, and we must work with people in a positive way to get what we wanted, and that is dealing with the public.

We need service and lots of it, there are some places they rely on voice mail and no human contact. We have to push buttons and keep on pushing buttons to get what we want. It’s annoying for a couple of hours,  and then we finally get a human voice, and the voice says:  “We are not in right now, please contact tomorrow.” Tomorrow? We spent two hours on pushing buttons on the phone, and it tells us to contact them tomorrow?  The same thing when they tell us to look it up on the internet, and we have to read it, sometime instruction can’t be cleared to read and explainable. There are words, but sometime when we have technical writers, which write stuff from the internet to be explained to us – is still confusion to us. Write everything as a fifth grader would understand or have Jeff Foxworthy to explain it, to us. Make the websites easier to be explain and don’t make it too difficult for us. Make it plain and simply and help the client out. You want their business (your money). Make it fast and make everything resolve for that day. And we don’t have to worry about the next day, and we can go on with our lives. It’s a business and we dealing with customers.