Jessica Sanchez, the youngest, sang for her life, because she was the only contestants who received the lowest amount of votes, on American Idol, the rest of  the contestants did great.

What happened? Are people watching American idol on Wednesday and Thursday night on FOX?  We can DVR our favorite TV show and watch them later, but watch American Idol on FOX  and vote for your favorite, like Jessica Sanchez. If people think, Jessica wasn’t connected with her fans, she was getting praised by the judges every single night, for her performance.   The song she chooses was a moment for her, and she loved it.

So whatever the song they chose, and we don’t know it, we eliminated them. But what about their performance and their voice alone, that’s what the judges are looking for.  America Idol fans, has sent the wrong person going home.

Probably, the executives will change the voting procedure again, let the judges pick who goes home not the American Idol fans. They can still vote (teenagers!).

Is it a popularly contest, some singers did not do well. However, they are in the top 10, and they will be seen again in the tour this summer. Even though they may not win American Idol, eventually they will still get a record contract and do performances.

So American Idol fans, please vote for your favorite. Listen to the judges, they know who they want to win and to get to win. They need our votes to save them. Please Jessica Sanchez on American Idol.

By the way, we are having storms all over the United States, and sometime the storms can affect with the voting process. Make sure your cell phones are fully charged if the storms are coming to your area, moved into another state where there are no storms and vote for your favorite. If not try the basement, instead of calling for help, vote and then call for help. Voting first and safety second.  A little humor, sorry. Smile.